Friday, September 26, 2008


i got tagged by Jenny. Here are the rules...go to your pictures and go to the fourth file and then the fourth photo in that file and you have to post the picture....Here it is.. This is when we lived in Idaho Falls. Jenny & I thought it would be funny to buy footsie PJ's at Target and model them for Nic & Mike. Let's just say they were less than impressed.
*Jenny- what are the chances that this was the picture I'd run into! Weird since your picture was one of us as twins again...nerds.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Introducing Tammy & Britten Martin

Tammy & Britten were married on Saturday in Midway Utah. We love Britten and know he'll be a great addition to the fam. There was a carousel for the kids to ride on and they LOVED it!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

September so far...

My princesses. Thanks Aunt Wayne (Greta) for the new princess attire- they LOVE dressing up!

Me, Greta, and Daisha (and obviously the 2 crazies). It was fun to have them both come visit on the same day.

Camryn's toast lizard. She likes to make animals out of her bread and I thought she was pretty crafty with this lizard. She had fun playing with it and putting it down for a nap in her cup holder. When she was tired of the toast being a lizard, she took a bite out of him and called him a sea horse.

They LOVE beaters. Just like their mama. Sadly, I've had to sacrifice my beater since I have 2 babies. That's ok- I just make sure there's LOTS of batter to lick out of the bowl.

They found my mascara. Little bums.

We went to Idaho for a Wedding reception last weekend and then headed up to Jackson Hole to watch my dad finish the Lotoja (Logan to Jackson) bike race. 210 miles in about 11 hours. Not bad for an old guy! He beat his last year's time so he was pretty stoked. We also did the classic walk through the Jackson Hole shops and got our picture taken under the Antlers. How cute. (I've included a profile shot just incase you needed a good laugh...can you imagine how far I'm going to stick out in 3 months!!) And a little shout out to Mike and Jenny for letting us crash at your cute house on Friday night- we miss you guys!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Clueless sister told me that getting her daughter signed up for pre-school was a nightmare and that I should be getting my girls signed up NOW for next year!!! Is she serious? If this is in fact the case...I need some help. I know absolutely NOTHING about what schools are best, registration, etc. If anybody who lives around here (Bountiful/Woods Cross) has any suggestions, they would be MUCH appreciated! I don't want my girls to end up at the school with the bars over the windows :)