Saturday, November 30, 2013


Luckily, the last couple months of my pregnancy have been full of holidays and busyness.  Makes the time go a lot quicker.  Here are some things I want to remember about this month.
*Camryn has started making breakfast for everyone.  She woke up every morning during Thanksgiving break and made ego waffles with whipped cream for everybody.  She was SO proud.  She also started making sandwiches for lunch and was thrilled when she even got to make lunch for me :)  cute girl.  Kendyl has started making her own sandwiches too.  It's fun to see her trying to act so big :)
*There were a few Thanksgiving events at the schools.  I went to C & B's school and helped with their harvest.  Kendyl and Nixon came with me and sat by the twins.  The fit in perfectly :)
*Kendyl always has the best art projects she makes in school.  Check out that giant turkey!
*Check out Nixon's reaction to the car wash :)  After I took his picture, I pulled him out of his seat and set him on my lap.  He did better.
*Nixon has been potty training for a couple months now.  He's doing pretty well- accidents here and there, but he was thrilled to find this mini toilet at Walmart :)
*Check out the dark picture of Nic and me.  We actually got babysitters and went to the movies, "Catching Fire".
*Those 2 cuties in the sink are OBSESSED with water.  If they're not asking to sit in the sink, they're in the tub.

Friday, November 29, 2013

Family Pictures


PATHETIC!  These are the only 2 pictures I got!  Oh well :)  Thanksgiving was at Mom & Dad's house this year.  The kids were crazy, the kitchen was crazy, the food was delicious.  I was in charge of Jell-o, a pie and sweet potatoes.  I wish I could have eaten more, but seeing as my stomach is totally squished, my small plate of food was enough to make me sick and unable to move until the next day.  After dinner, we all went to the theater and saw, "FROZEN".  The kids loved it.  Mom and Dad came over to our house afterwards for pie :)

In the spirit of THANKSGIVING, I'm reminded of all that I have to be grateful for.  It's easy to look at all the problems we have and get discouraged.  Work, family, house problems, etc.  But when I look at my life overall, I can't figure out what I did to deserve such a beautiful life.  My marriage is so good and I'm so in love with my husband.  My kids are respectful, kind, helpful, talented, happy, smart, beautiful and fun.  We have a great home and 2 good cars.  We're all in good health.  We're about to have another sweet baby in our house.  Our families love us and would do anything for us.  We have the Gospel in our lives.  We live in a free country.  My kids go to a great school.  I could go on and on, but those are the big ones.


With only a few weeks left until baby Calvin arrived, I went outside with Kendyl and Nixon (poor twinners missed out because they were at school) and we played and played in the snow.  They had the BEST time.  Sometimes, snow is ok :)

Monday, November 18, 2013

30 weeks preg

3rd not my favorite.  I had to stop teaching Zumba last month because I was having so many contractions when I danced.  Now I seem to get contractions just by getting off the couch or taking a step.  My back hurts, I feel a little bit sick again, I'm know, all that good stuff :)  I'm extremely relieved to be coming up on the home stretch!

Halloween 2013

Halloween is no longer a one-day's the entire month of October!!  Between the Fall Festival at C & B's school, Trick-or-Treating at Great Grandma's place (Barton Creek), Trunk-or-Treat at Grandma/pa Sellers, our own Trunk-orTreat, cousin party at Grandma Sellers',  dressing up for dance and just felt like a lot.  By the time Halloween actually rolled around- I was SPENT!!  The pictures give just a glimpse into our Halloween activities this year.  The creepy cupcake was made especially for me by Camryn :)  I think the girls' favorite part this year was spray painting their hair.  Cam even wore fake eyelashes.  The bottom right picture is just a few of the Schenk ladies that spent the weekend following Halloween in St. George!  We went to Thriller (pic), swam, shopped, stayed up way too late and ate lots of good food :)  It was a blast and I'm always grateful to my mom and dad for allowing me to use their awesome home down there.


Field Trips and Pumpkin Patches

Camryn & Brooklyn's 2nd grade field trip was to the zoo!  We were freezing, but the kids still had a blast.  They loved the reptiles, seals, polar bears, bats, and the disgusting gorilla that was eating his own poop.  yuck.

We headed to Black Island Farms for our annual pumpkin patch fun :)  This time, Ashley, Hudson and Nana joined us.  Nixon wanted a green pumpkin :)   We played on the slides afterwards before sending the girls off the Ashley's for a sleepover!

Kendyl also had a field trip and it was at Black Island Farms (again).  Kendyl and Nixon had SO much fun.  I thought I was going to go into labor on the little bumpy train ride- but Nixon refused to go without me.  We stayed till the bitter end.  No more pumpkin patch'n for me this year!!

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Dance performance at Cornbellys

Camryn and Kendyl have been taking dance for a couple months at Legacy Dance.  Unfortunately, there's a CRAZY waiting list (we were on it for 9 months), and there was only one spot left in the 7 year old class.  Brooklyn is as sweet as pie and decided that Camryn should be the one to start dance because she could probably use some extra practice.  Haha.  Brooklyn practices her back walkovers, back handsprings, splits and everything else EVERY day.  Anyway, since I'm writing this post a month later, I'm happy to say that Brooklyn got into dance a week after they performed for Halloween!  It was the happiest day ever :)  So here are my other two cuties at their first big performance.  They were adorable and had fun.  We invited Ash, Matt, their families and Nana to come watch (my fam couldn't make it).  Afterwards we played at Cornbelly's until it got too dark to keep track of our wanderer....Kendyl (yes, she always wanders away and gets lost!)
Here are Kendyl's class and Camryn & Brooklyn's class all dressed up in their Halloween costumes :) life.

Didn't want to forget these October moments..

They love putting the library books in the book drop.  I know it's supposed to conserve time, but I always get Nixon out of his seat so he can participate in this thrilling activity :)

We went to a BYU football game when Papa was in town.  His friend from Pocatello, Doug Hill, who is also the father of the amazing quarterback, Taysom Hill, were able to reconnect and have a few good laughs.  Oh the good ol' days when they were younger :)  We had a lot of fun at the game.

I never miss a chance to take a picture of all these cousins together.  They're all getting so big!

We celebrated Nana's birthday at our house.  Cupcakes, limbo, presents and dinner :)

I always put forth my best effort to get the kids to pay attention to part of conference.  This year's trick?  BINGO.  They were on a sugar high from the smarties Bingo markers, but I think it helped!

Uncle Michael is helping to remodel a mansion in Holladay.  The owner gave his permission to invite the whole family over and party in the pool house.  INCREDIBLE.  I've never seen anything like this place.  We had fun and enjoyed some good food.  We actually saw Mitt Romney as he was taking a walk down the road where this particular mansion was located.  We pulled over and Nic said, "We had a bet to see if it was really you!".  Mitt was less than friendly and took off the next street before we could even blink.  Come on Mitt, we're not going to kill you.  Sheesh.

Nixon is potty training!!  Amazingly enough, he's done quite well.  He's proud of his underoos and prefers using the big toilets over the potty chairs.  Here he is showing Kendyl the Batmans on his roos.  Could he get any cuter.  Not a chance.

These girls are ALWAYS putting on a show and practicing their tricks.  Here's the first major stunt in their current show!

We made some cookies and "BOO'D" the neighbors.  We had fun running around the neighborhood after dark.

Camryn is funny.  She ran ahead of us during our "BOOing" and decided to meditate on someone's lawn.  She loves a good reaction from the crowd :)

Hocus Pocus was on TV and felt like it was my moral obligation to watch it with my kids :)

Nixon loves to fix things with the screwdriver.  He disappeared out the door one day and I found him out in the garage "fixing" his bike.  I'm pretty impressed with his dexterity.

Monday, November 11, 2013

20 Weeks Preg

This milestone actually hit mid August.  20 weeks is when I start feeling "better".  I have more energy and my sickness starts to go away a bit.  Heck, I'm not even all that big yet!  Unfortunately, this part of pregnancy is short lived....the sickness, aches, pains and exhaustion soon return!