Monday, July 21, 2008

Brooklyn the Wakeboarder

Nic decided that Brooklyn was ready to start wakeboarding the other day. I don't think she felt the same way...but we'll keep trying. Nic's uncle Robert made a baby-sized waterski for us that Nic is VERY anxious to get Camryn and Brooklyn up on. It's a pretty safe/unique design. He claims 2 year olds have done it before! I'm thinking next year might be better. There are also a couple pictures of Grandma & Grandpa on the tube with Ella, C & B. I was proud of my mom for braving the cold water...cold to her.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

4th- Bear Lake- Holly's Baby

Nic & I spent the 4th of July at the pool, then the annual Chamberlain BBQ, then the Eaglewood Fireworks. It was fun waiting for the fireworks to start for 2 hours, then immediately departing right when the fireworks started because of 2 terrified screaming babies. Why do we try these things?

Last weekend we went to Bear Lake for the Schenk family reunion (Nic's mom's side of the family). We had lots of fun at the lake- I've never seen such blue water. We camped out that night at a campground in Logan Canyon. I supposed it could have been a bit more fun if Camryn & Brooklyn would have slept better. They decided that partying in the camper would be more fun...which led to Camryn falling against a wall and chipping her 2 front teeth. She has a dentist appointment tomorrow- we'll see how that goes. All in all though we had a fun time and enjoyed being with the fam.

On Monday, Holly & Clark finally had their baby boy! He's darling and looks alot like Ella did. He's yet to be given a name, so baby boy will have to do for now. I love him!

Thursday, July 3, 2008


We've been having tons of fun with our girls so far this summer and we can't wait to have ANOTHER GIRL to play with next year!! Yep- we're having another girl. We had an early ultrasound a couple weeks ago and the doc told us it was most likely a boy, so when he confirmed yesterday that it was actually a girl....let's just say we were a little shocked. I'm sure someday we'll have a mini Nic, just not yet. We really are excited though. Girls are so much fun. 3 Girls! It's definitely going to be a party at our house!