Thursday, February 23, 2012

St. George with Nic's Fam

We had the blessed opportunity of going down to St. George over President's Day weekend. Papa was here for his "man's weekend", and the men ended up bringing their wives and children! We were happy to tag along. Unfortunately, Nana had to stay in Ohio because of work and school obligations. We missed her. Ashley, Kate and I (along with the kids of course), went to the park and shopped a little bit the day the men hiked the narrows (Nic will have to do the "Narrows" post). It just so happened that we were there over Ashley's 27th birthday! Yippee for getting older ;) We all benefited from it because Papa took us all to a Japanese Steakhouse which was easily the best I've ever been to. Kendyl even ate her entire meal with chopsticks. Our little chef was hysterical. He thought he was pretty funny lobbing a dozen pieces of food into each of our mouths. When we couldn't catch any more, he took out his little squeeze bottle and flooded our mouths with Sprite until we ended up spitting it all over ourselves. I haven't laughed that hard in a long time.

We also managed to eat 10,000 calories worth of treats (and popcorn for me) each day, go to the movies, swim, hot tub, hike, and more. So fun. Thanks for the memories

Happy Valentines Day!

Valentines Day seems to be more for the kids these days than the grownups. My girls love celebrating every holiday. Nana sent them some Valentine crafts this year and they had the BEST time putting them together, hanging them up and playing with them. For the actual Valentines Day, we made pizza and heart shaped sugar cookies. Nic was in Idaho for work and got home just in time to eat dinner with us and give us all flowers, balloons and little gifts.

School Valentine Party

I got to help with Camryn and Brooklyn's class Valentine Party. They were so excited to see me walk through the door they could hardly contain themselves. I was just as excited to see them :) It was lots of fun to be with them and see them interact with their friends. Camryn thinks she's in love with Braxton (pictured next to her at the cookie decorating table). And apparantly he's a pretty big fan of the twinners too. Oh boy, it's already starting... It's pretty cute for now :)

Brooklyn wanted to make her own Valentines, (of course,) and she actually did 90% of the work for her little sucker/butterflies. She was so excited to hand them out. Camryn passed out Fun Dip :) They were pumped to come home and show Kendyl all their Valentines and share their candy with her. Love these little girls so much.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


I've made quite a few schedule changes in the short time I've been teaching! I'm pretty happy with the current schedule so I thought I'd put it out there for anyone that may read my blog who wants to come to Zumba! Seriously, who WOULDN'T want to come! It's a blast!!

Monday- 9:15 PM
Wednesday- 9:15 PM
Friday- 9:00 AM

Classes are held at Club V in Woods Cross. (Google it for directions).

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Laundry room MaKeOvEr

The laundry room has been the one room in our house that's been nearly impossible to keep clean. Everything I don't know what to do with ends up in there. There are random shelves, cupboards, hanging things and baskets that just collect it all. Well we recently received an in-wall ironing board to replace our big old squeeky one. We had to take down a shelf in order to install it. From there, we just decided to renovate and make this room a bit more attractive and user friendly. Thanks Nic for your handy skills in building me all my new shelves :)
(I'm sitting on the washer/dryer to take the give you some perspective)


Sunday, February 12, 2012

Final MOTAB concert

My parents will be retiring from the choir in April. My girls have never seen them perform live since they're too little for concerts. Well the choir had some concerts in Arizona last weekend, so I took my girls to their rehearsal the day before the concert. They loved it, and I think my parents were equally pumped to see us there. I could see them pointing us out to their friends and they would smile and discreetly wave as much as they could. It was a late night, but definitly worth it.


Our HUGE Superbowl party

I made caramel corn, meatballs, apple streusel and 7 layer dip. And the 5 of us enjoyed it :)
(After we ate, the kids were as hyper as could be, dancing in front of the TV and bouncing off the walls since we had used the word "party" to describe this event. We tried to explain that the party was over once they were finished eating (which was 1 minute into the game). It was awful and I ended up taking them to the playroom while Nic watched the game solo...yes, he likes it this way. He doesn't have to pay attention, he can nap here and there, and he can fast forward most of it).

Kendyl & Grandma

These 2 are buddies. I go to my mom's house once a week to clean. I usually take Kendyl and Nixon with me while the twinners are at school. Nixon usually naps, and Kendyl is SUPPOSED to play in the playroom. This rarely happens. She and Grandma usually play computer games, make cookies and play together. Cute cute.

Standing.....and Driving

Nixon has hit a couple landmarks in the last couple weeks. See for yourself.

The only probably with learning how to pull yourself up into a standing position???? How to get back down.

He was ordering at Taco Bell, "Yes, I'll have some hot sauce"

**Before you call Child Protection Services, please note that the car was stationary in these pictures :) He was placed back in his seat before acceleration :)


It wasn't Barnum & Bailey' there were a few times when I almost had a heart attack (like when Ulyssis fell on the highwire and barely caught himself....sheesh). It was fun though! I think Camryn will probably be in the circus someday. (sorry about the bad pics from my phone)