Wednesday, December 12, 2012

1st Graders are CRAZY

 So.....Brooklyn mentioned a couple weeks ago that it would be fun to have a Christmas party.  I was in a very generous mood, a rare mood, and said, "YES, let's make invitations right now!".  And we did.  And they were distributed to her class the next day.  So that was the hole I dug myself ;)  It was actually kind of fun planning it  and having the girls help set it up.  It was on a Friday night and the girls were all SOOO pumped!  It was almost scary.  We had a total of 17 little honestly felt like 50- but I was glad they all had fun :)  They decorated cookies, ate pizza, did a White Elephant, watched a Christmas movie, sang Christmas songs, and PLAYED!  Oh ya, and attacked Nic.  My girls better NEVER forget this party :)  I told them we'd make this a tradition, maybe a few less kids next time!                                                          

Temple Square & City Creek

These are THE PLACES to visit at Christmas time!!!  And since they're right across the street from each other, it's quite convenient.  We bundled up one night last week and saw the lights, had dinner at the food court, then visited Santa in his GIANT lantern.  He was great :)  We asked him what kind of cookies are his favorite so we can leave him some on Christmas Eve.  He looked at my girls right in the eyes and said, "Well everyone knows that Santa's favorite cookies are chocolate chip!!!"  Loved it.  We ended the evening at my FAVORITE store, the Disney Store.  I'm the biggest Disney nerd ever.  I walk in the store and get the chills- it just feels so much like Disney Land!!!  Judge me if you must.  Here are the pics.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Kendyl is 4!!!

Why does this make me so sad :(  I hate seeing Kendyl grow up.  She's been such an adorable, special little girl.  Her innocence and goodness have always melted my heart.  Besides that, she's always been very mature for her age. She hasn't been one to throw tantrums or act out. She's the best side kick ever.  I hope and pray that I never forget all the little things about Kendyl that make me want to SQUEEZE and KISS her 100 times a day!

Kendyl loves Hello Kitty, so I made her a Hello Kitty cake!  I was so pumped about how great it turned out.  Kendyl loved it :)  She got a new outfit and a Hello Kitty necklace that morning.  She ate her favorite breakfast, blueberry oatmeal with toast w/honey and strawberry milk.  Then she got to take a poster and treats to preschool. Miss Shanna gave Kendyl some pink nail polish and when Kendyl got home, she went straight into the laundry room, grabbed a craft mat, laid down on the floor and started painting her nails.  It was adorable.  When C & B got home from school, we let her open her other presents.  A new doll named Olivia, a book and a couple other little things.  Soon after that, we took off for Jungle Jim's Playland!  We invited all the family and Heather&Macy.  The kids had the best time ever!  They couldn't believe they could just run from ride to ride and not even have to pay (ha, the things they don't understand).  Since Kendyl and Grandma Nicolaysen share a birthday, we celebrated both of their birthdays and had pizza and cake and opened presents.  With all the tickets my kids won from arcade games, Kendyl got a slinky :)  That just might be her favorite present of all! Haha.  I had the best time spoiling little Kendyl all day. She's an amazing kid.  I don't know what I did to deserve her.

Camryn & Brooklyn's Christmas Concert

 I love the school Christmas concert each year.  Legacy does such a good job.  My favorite part about it is that the kids get to take home all their artwork they've done this semester.  Last year, the twins wrapped it up and gave it to us for Christmas.  They were so excited, and so were we.  They're doing the same thing this year.  Can't wait!

December This's and Thats

Ella's 8th birthday party was at Kangaroo Zoo.  There were probably 30 kids there!  They all had a fabulous time, of course.  My girls love Ella and all their cousins.  They get along so well and prefer their cousins over anybody else. My favorite part of the party was when all the little girls ditched their cake to watch Ella open presents...and Nixon boy went around and shoved everyone's cake in his mouth.

I cut Brooklyn's hair :)  She was feeling a little left out.  I'd LOVE for her to have the same cute bob that her sisters have, but Camryn REALLY wants to be unique.  Brooklyn likes when they look alike...
 Blowing Bubbles.  Kendyl blew them, Nixon chased them.  Cute.
First, Camryn was drawing pictures of stick figures getting sucked into tornadoes, now she's drawing pictures of volcanoes blasting and people screaming for help!  Hmmmm. At least she's great at drawing & coloring!
We've had lots of balloons at our house from various parties.  Nixon is in HEAVEN!  He gets out of bed and begins his search for "boons".  I had fun just sitting on the floor, throwing balloons at him one afternoon :)

Monday, December 10, 2012


Ward Party Santa!!  The girls told Santa exactly what they wanted..they were a tad nervous, but Kendyl asked for a Hello Kitty pillow pet/blanket.  Camryn asked for a Barbie camper, and Brooklyn asked for a MINI American Doll.  

Mommy Daughter Date

Since my Dad was in the Congo on an Operation Smile mission, I got to be my mom's date at the annual Davis County Medical Alliance Christmas dinner.  It was held at Snowbasin and it was FANCY and DELICIOUS!  Nic was at home eating pizza and having a movie night with the kids.  We loved the augratin potatoes so much that mom asked to talk to the head chef to get the recipe!  Ha!  I love spending time with  my mom.  She's the best :)

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Nixon buddy is 18 months old.

This little guy remains the most popular member of our family.  Here are a few things that make Nixon special.
*Says 'thank you' for EVERYTHING.  Polite little guy.
*Still OBSESSED with balls.  Seriously everything he sees must resemble a ball in some way or another.
*Still tiny as ever.
*Still obsessed with his boppy and doesn't want to eat anything with any nutritional value...Except hotdogs.  Are those nutritious?
*Gives the best hugs and kisses.
*Loves watching football with Daddy.
*Knows how to say:  football, basketball, I'm cute, Thank you, nigh night (which is the name of his blanky), All done,movie, cookie....and he's pretty good at animal sounds.  I'm sure I've forgetting some....but what can you expect from the mother of 4!?
*Loves when the trains go by.  He looks out the window and shouts, "choo choo!"
*Throws everything.
*Mama's boy.  Always wants me to pick him up and hold him.
*Tells us whenever he's pooping, he'll squat down and say "Poopy".  Let's hope that helps with potty training.
*Pretty mild mannered for the most part.  He's always on the move, but considering his age, he doesn't cause a whole lot of problems.  Thank goodness!
Weight: 20 lbs 13oz (under 5%)  poor guy!
Height: 31" (10%)
Head: 19" (50%)

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Camryn's Locks of Love

This little wild woman has wanted short hair for years now. Her mother, on the other hand, has been a bit hesitant. Well, since Kendyl was getting a haircut from Ashley during Thanksgiving break....and since Camryn was standing there with her little puppy dog eyes begging for a haircut too, I decided to let her. We decided that since we were going to cut off alot, we'd donate it to Locks of Love. I cute off the ponytail. Bittersweet. Camryn is in HEAVEN with her new hair. She looks absolutely adorable with her new little bob. 

Happy Turkey Day!

We spent Thanksgiving in St. George with Ashley, Ryan, Hudson, Matt, Kate, Averi & Elle.  We were there for a whole week and it was wonderful.  The kids entertained eachother in the playroom for most of it....which makes it pretty nice on their parents :)  We played on the razor, went on hikes, swam, shopped, did some "Insanity", ate lots and lots of food, and lets not forget, got the stomach flu.  Yep, it started with Nic on Thanksgiving morning, I caught it around noon, and my kids all had it the WHOLE night....with the exception of Kendyl.  We all felt alot better the next day, then the day after that, Kate and Elle had it!  Yuck.  It was unfortunate. 

We were also lucky enough to have Quinton fly in for a day and spend some time swimming, biking, razoring, and just hanging out with us.  I always love when Nic has one of his best buddies to hang out with.  Quinton has always been like family to us.  Some other highlight include going Black Friday Shopping with Ashley and Kate.  We wanted to check out the madness and Target and Walmart at 9pm on Thanksgiving.  HOLY COW- we weren't anticipating 1/2 a mile line outside of Target and piles and piles of bodies reserving their electronics at Walmart.  It was madness... but we were entertained :)  We saw "The Guardians"  which was super cute.  We ate at Pizza Factory for Kate's 27th birthday.  And lets not forget about the shopping that was done!  Online and in stores.  We're a bunch of SUCKERS for good deals!  We had a fabulous Thanksgiving and we're so grateful for family first and foremost.  They're always there through thick and thin and they make our lives wonderful :)


Thursday, November 15, 2012

Dad's & Donuts

Camryn & Brooklyn's school has a "Dad's and Donuts" day once a year.  The turnout is usually pretty big, which is awesome.  Nic took the twins this morning and they spent 45 minutes reading to eachother and eating donuts.  Adorable.  These are the little things I want my girls to remember forever.

Cupid Camryn

Camryn has a heart the size of the moon.  Sure, she is pretty wild and has a hard time listening most of the time, but she would do anything to help us out.  She loves babies and little kids so much that she almost can't contain herself.  She carries Nixon around all day and is constantly saying, "I just love you so much, you are the cutest baby in the world!"  She especially loves his warm little cheeks when he wakes up from a nap.  She can't get over how soft they are.  Haha.  Nic and I probably have at least 20 little love notes that she's given us.  This one in particular is one of my favorites.  She gave it to Nic last week.
I love you so  much.  I can kiss you all day long and tak you to the zoo every day or take you to the sweet shop for ice cream cones.  Or tell you that you are a star and give you a picture.  to Dad from Camryn. (she drew a picture of a car and taped it to the back.)

Kendyl's Fire Station Field Trip

Preschoolers are so cute :)  I love going on field trips with Kendyl!  It's fun to watch her with her friends.  I love her sweetness and innocence.  She'll be 4 in a few makes my heart hurt to see her grow up. 

Utah bizarre.

One day we were packing leaves in trash T-shirts.  The next day....we got a BLIZZARD!!!  At least 18" in our yard, 28" at my parents' house!  In one weekend.  So wild.  We had fun building a snowmom, playing in the fort Daddy built and doing all that other snow stuff!  Nic wasn't about to let such a beautiful storm pass him by.  He went snowmobiling at the "B" with his buddy and  had a BLAST!