Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Mama #2- Camryn

I could take a video of Camryn at any point in the day and it would be similar to this. She LOVES babies- especially Kendyl. When I ask her what she dreamed about, she says, "babies". She'll find babies when we go to the park, children's museum, you name it, and cling to them. Is it ok for me to allow that? I'm too lazy to stop it...and it gives me a good laugh.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Kendyl Babe

Just in case you've forgotten what the Kendyl Babe looks like- here's a big reminder! She's become a MUCH more enjoyable baby this month. She only cries when she needs something and spends a lot of time blowing bubbles, babbling, smiling, playing with toys and spitting (that one's my favorite). I also got the baby toys out the other day. You'll see from the picture that Camryn & Brooklyn LOVE to make sure Kendyl always has a dozen toys at hand. Thanks girls! What would we do without you!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Ladies Night

Sellers Plastic Surgery is having a Ladies Night next Wednesday, April 1st from 6-9pm. 101.9 THE END is going to be there (you know, Chunga)- perhaps you've heard them announce this on their program today (which is how I initially found out about it). Stacey's Nails will be there giving complimentary mini manicures & pedicures. The aestetician from his medispa will be doing microdermabrasion demonstrations PLUS FREE laser hair removal on one arm pit (not enough time to do both apparantly). BUT...they'll be giving out $50 gift certificates to the medispa, so that can help pay for arm pit #2! Also, my dad, Dr. Sellers, will be there answering plastic surgery questions...don't pretend like you don't have them! You'll also get a $500 gift certificate to put toward any in-hospital surgery. Pretty sweet! Hope to see you there! The address is 620 Medical Drive Suite 310 in Bountiful. ****There will be food****

Saturday, March 21, 2009

News Chicken

Pogo'ing in a chicken suit behind the Channel 2 News desk was something I wanted to do from the second they put windows in their studio. I'm quite the dreamer, I know. My family is extremely proud of my accomplishments. Unfortunately, I don't have the actual news clips anymore where the pogo chicken is right behind the news anchors as they deliver 'up to the minute breaking news', but this is Bryce video-taping this milestone in my life. It was over 2 years ago, but it feels like yesterday :) I'm ready to do it again; this time with a top hat and cane. My first attempt was cut a little short (hence Bryce saying, 'you got screwed!'.)....so stay tuned to Channel 2 for the encore.

Carseat Cover

Ok Folks. Every time I turn around, someone is asking me about this carseat cover. My mom bought this for me for Christmas and it's so great! It's also super easy to make and should not be purchased if you have access to some material and a sewing maching....seriously....save yourself the $50. So if you have a baby and want to keep her/him covered up, you will need these supplies to create this little gem.
2 pieces of fabric (1 yard each)
2 pieces of velcro
bows (if you want to be fancy).
This cover was surged together, but you can sew it inside out if you don't have a fancy machine. The little hooks are 2"x9". YOu can see from the picture where those need to be placed. The whole cover is 40"x 35", so use the extra material for the hooks. Seriously, you shouldn't need a whole lot more info than that. It's VERY basic and the pictures will probably do most of the explaining. Let me know if you decide to make one and what you think! Happy Sewing!


Ashley came over the other day with our newest nephew! Meet Moose, the cutest little bull dog ever. Camryn & Brooklyn LOVE this pup. Ash, we're going to need lots and lots of visits. Thanks for allowing Camryn to drag your baby around by the neck all day!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Worth Remembering

As tiring and frustrating as life can be with 2 2-year olds and a newborn, there are always those moments I hope I don't forget. I love getting my girls wrapped up in a project (anything to keep them from the usual house-destruction), and making cookies is obviously one of my favorites. Yes, I make & eat too much cookie dough...and so do C & B. This was a cute little clip Nic took. And if you're thinking, "Wow, Brooklyn is always in that princess dress", you are correct. Enjoy the cuteness of my babies and ignore the taller, blonder one.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

2 New Babies!

(From top to bottom) Coming in 6 weeks early at a whoppin 4lbs 6oz is Corbin Sellers. Congrats Scott & Amy! And coming in a week LATE at nearly double the size (8lbs 4 oz.) is Averi Clark! Congrats Matt & Kate! Both babies were born via C-Section so we're wishing a speedy recovery to the 2 mommies. It's so fun getting new nieces and nephews all the time. The count is up to 5 nieces and 3 nephews. (Wow, the nieces number doesn't seem so crazy when my 3 girls are left out of it) We can't wait to see the 2 babies. Hopefully they're still in diapers by the time that happens!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Mommy Monday

Ok ladies- I'm the host of "Mommy Monday" on the 9th. If you've never been to one of these, you should come! Bring your kiddos and hang out for a couple hours. It's been fun meeting and getting to know different people. 10 am! See you then! (Let me know if you need directions)

Monday, March 2, 2009