Thursday, February 28, 2013

Valentines Day

I just want to say this.  Nic knows how to do Valentines Day.  We're always in for a good surprise when we get home :)  Nixon has been in HEAVEN every day since with balloons everywhere he looks. The girls and I got a gift certificate to get our nails done and a bunch of other cute surprises.  I helped with C & B's party at school, then picked up Kendyl from her Valentine party at preschool.  They were stoked to get so much candy.  I swear... the candy supply we have from holidays alone is gigantic.  Scary.  That night, the whole fam came over for pizza and cookie decorating.  And after THAT, we surprised the girls by taking them to The Little Mermaid play at Woods Cross High School.   We all thought it was fabulous.  I LOVE Nic, Brooklyn, Camryn, Kendyl and Nixon Graham.  My Valentines.

When Papa Came to Play...

It was Grandma and Grandpa Clark's 60th wedding anniversary a few weeks ago!  Papa flew in to town for the occasion.  And would you believe....I don't have 1 picture of the blessed event!!  I was just a tad bit busy trying to keep 4 restless kids under control.  It was lovely though.  It was held at Maddox in Brigham City, the same place Grandma and Grandpa had their Wedding Dinner in 1953!  Awesome.....and delicious.    

While Papa was here we went to the aquarium.  The kids absolutely loved it!  I felt like I was at Sea World for a minute....then we had to walk outside into the snow to get to our cars....not California.  We also got to go out to dinner and a Jazz game without kids one night!  Our seats at the game were to die for ;)  If dying from nose bleeds is an actual cause of death.  Seriously though, we had such a great time.  Papa's highlight of the trip was watching our kids while Nic, Tanner and I went to our indoor soccer game.  Papa bought an air popper and they popped popcorn.  My kids were amazed and Papa was disappointed that we'd NEVER introduced our kids to REAL popcorn making!  Haha.  Fun week... I never take enough pictures of the good stuff!

Getting older...

No, I'm not talking about myself.  Heaven knows I'm just getting younger by the day ;)  I'm talking about the twinners.  It's like they've become my helpers/buddies/babysitters/people I can depend on!  They're fabulous young ladies who are nothing but wonderful to Kendyl & Nixon.  I love their excitement for school and learning.  I love their constant happiness.  I love their talents.  I love that they're still young and cute.  I never want this age to end :(  Will Camryn's funny notes come to an end too!  I hope not :)  They're pretty awesome.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Get well baby girl...

I love my babies...

But I HATE when they're sick.  Kendyl is always sick.  She's been sick more in her life than she's been healthy.  No, that's not an exaggeration.  She'll be getting her tonsils out soon and I just PRAY that helps.  I'm convinced that she has no immune system.  She catches everything that everybody has and it never goes away.  She's on her breathing machine all the time since her lingering effects of RSV kicks in big time when she has colds.  She fell asleep in my arms today at church.  We brought her home and she slept for 3 more hours.  I'm worried about her.  I feel like the life has been sucked out of her at times.  There, I've said it.

33 has never looked so good

Although he was SURE he was only turning 32, we celebrated Nic's 33rd birthday last month.  I could go on and on saying all the wonderful things about him...but if you know Nic, then you don't need a list to know he's FANTASTIC!  We got a babysitter and met Nic's sibs for dinner at Tucanos.  Simple and fun :)

Thoughtful little note from Camryn to Kendyl

When the weather STINKS!

Puzzles, Great Grandma visits, Games, Swimming, Panty Heads, Stuffed crib, Shopping, U of U gymnastics meet, Forts in the kitchen.  Is it Spring yet?  Our creative juices are quickly drying up!


When Nixon hasn't been asking for Appy Juice or searching for a ball, he's been....
almost breaking his wrist,

Eating treats,

Getting and giving tons and tons of sister loves,

making Daddy proud,

being weird/cute/funny,

obsessing over Hello Kitties and Nigh Nights,


cleaning messes (after spilling some cereal milk, he ran to the drawer, pulled out this rag, and came running back and cleaned up EVERY last drop.  My mouth just hung open).

and of course, making BIG messes!  He is 21 months old after all.  Love our little man.

My Little Musicians

Camryn & Brooklyn have started taking music lessons.  Brooklyn is taking piano lessons from Grandma Sellers, and Camryn is taking violin lessons from a teacher at Bountiful Music. They're both IN LOVE with their instruments!  They teach Kendyl everything they know :)  I think they've got some musical talent in their blood- it's been fun hearing them practice each day.  

I found these in Camryn's bed the other day.  She'd stayed up late making little violin diagrams- labeling all the parts of the violin and the bow :)  She even drew a picture of the up and coming Clark family band.  K on the flute :)