Thursday, February 28, 2013

Valentines Day

I just want to say this.  Nic knows how to do Valentines Day.  We're always in for a good surprise when we get home :)  Nixon has been in HEAVEN every day since with balloons everywhere he looks. The girls and I got a gift certificate to get our nails done and a bunch of other cute surprises.  I helped with C & B's party at school, then picked up Kendyl from her Valentine party at preschool.  They were stoked to get so much candy.  I swear... the candy supply we have from holidays alone is gigantic.  Scary.  That night, the whole fam came over for pizza and cookie decorating.  And after THAT, we surprised the girls by taking them to The Little Mermaid play at Woods Cross High School.   We all thought it was fabulous.  I LOVE Nic, Brooklyn, Camryn, Kendyl and Nixon Graham.  My Valentines.


Clark's Corner said...

Such a great Valentine's Day! Yea for you!
I love you all too!
The Nana

Natalie Smith said...

so great. love the table display.