Thursday, December 24, 2009

Sellers Christmas Party

Mom & Dad put on quite the Christmas party this year. The kids were in heaven. Santa even showed up and gave them all matching jammies! Poor little Camryn coudn't muster up the courage to sit on St. Nick's lap. The rest were able to give him their carefully tailored list of Christmas needs. Unfortunately for Ella, she followed him up the stairs when he left and spied on him talking to my Dad on the driveway while taking off his beard and hat. Haha- just one of Santa's helpers. We had quite the Wok Lin feast- Christmas Eve tradition, and ate WAY too many treats. Kendyl probably ate her body weight in treats. Bless her heart- the child has a serious sweet tooth, often times risking her life for a hand full of M&M's. The night concluded with a wild game of steal bingo. Tammy escaped with a top of the line pregnancy test (in case she needs the occasional reminder that she is indeed pregnant) and I walked away with the coveted box of Bazooka bubble gum. And what would a Christmas party be without Luke 2 and the Nativity. The kiddos were stoked to put the people in the manger. Thanks Mom & Dad! And Thanks for the Doll House! The girls now spend 90% of the day playing with it. Heaven sent.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Nutcracker

Last night Mom, Holly, Ashley and I went to Ballet West's "The Nutcracker". I was SO excited to go because I haven't been back to see it since I was in it 14 years ago!!! I was a red soldier when I was 12. The auditions were grueling and tough but it was worth it for me to be able to perform with Ballet West in my Favorite ballet. I'd actually wanted to be one of the party girls that dances at the beginning, unfortunately, I was a couple inches to tall. Ballet was my life as a kid and I danced for 13 years...until cheerleading took over. We all know how important that is ;) ANYWAY, it was exciting to see those soldiers come out and do the same dance they've been doing forever. I actually remembered most of it! Thanks mom for taking us...and thank you all for putting up with my little jaunt through memory lane. It's always nice to remember the days when I had some talent. Somehow my talents have all become dust in the wind since having kids...unless dishes, laundry and vacuming are talents!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

A Clark Festivas

The Clark Christmas party was a blast. We celebrated at my parent's house in Eden this year seing as our crowd is 30+ people. It's the extended family, so Nic's Grandma & Grandpa Clark's offspring...and all the offspring that's come from that! This year was bittersweet since we didn't have our hillarious commentator, Robert. He is sorely missed. He was always the showstopper at these events and just made life fun in general. We did our best to carry on the traditions though and the food, company and white elephant did not disappoint. Complete with 3 snuggies (one of which was a Doggy snuggie), a beautiful piece of art suited for a mantel, a beta fish (which we brought and also ended up with....and accidentally killed when we forgot to bring him in from the car last night), I'd say the white elephant was right up there with the best of them. It was a fiesta theme so we did Cafe Rio pork burritos, a pinata, and Nic even serenaded us with his version (actually I was the composer, but he performed it), of Feliz Navidad....translated to "A Clark Festivas". Each year there are more and more babies so it was quite chaotic but the kids got along great and had TONS of fun. We all slept over (lots of bodies on the floor), and some people went snowmobiling the next day. Thanks Clarks for always making these parties so much fun! Enjoy the pictures!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

MoTab Christmas Concert

Since Mom & Dad are in the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, we get tickets to everything! This year's Christmas special guest was Natalie Cole. Her voice was very unique. Holly and I agreed that our favorite guest singer so far was Sissel. Never heard of her? She's from Norway and seriously has the best voice I've ever heard. You'll want all her CD's. Audra McDonald (Naomi, from Private Practice) was also a guest singer a few years back. Guess she's well rounded :) But obviously the choir is the most impressive singing there is! :) Good job Mom & Dad, thanks for the great show! Here's the gang chillin (literally) at the Conference Center.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Nic's been waiting for snow to fall like a kid waits for presents under the tree. So he was DELIGHTED to finally take the snowmobiles out. And it was the icing on the cake that he got to take his lovely wife ;) We had lots of fun in the freezing cold. I even got to take home a souvenir- a bright purple frostbite splotch on my cheek. Thanks to my parents for watching the kiddos while we blazed trails in the mountains practically in their backyard.

Kendyl's 12 Month Stats

Weight: 17#4oz (3%)
Length: 29" (50%)
Head Circ: 18" (50%)
And the poor doll suffered through 3 shots and a toe poke.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Happy Birthday Kendyl Babe!

Yesterday was Kendyl's first birthday. Our baby is 1!! She has been walking a little for a couple weeks now and I was hoping she'd be full force by her birthday, BUT, she'd rather crawl- it's faster. We love having this little nugget at our house (even though she's our little destructicon lately). She always has the biggest smile on her face and does the funniest little things. She has CRAZY amounts of energy and NEVER holds still. This little monkey went to Kangaroo Zoo last week and climbed most of the way up the ladder by herself- always looking for a good time :) She's pathetically small for her age but I love it, seeing as I don't want her to grow up. She sleeps through the night from 8-8. Her favorite foods are jam sandwiches, cheese, and lately candy canes. Yep, she pulls them off the tree, cracks them in half and sucks on them. She's got 4 little teeth- 2 on top & 2 on bottom. She LOVES to play peek-a-boo if there's any kind of an obstacle she can hide behind. She always has a little toy in her mouth, but spits them into her hand when I tell her to. She hates wearing socks and usually has them off within seconds of getting them on.

Our families love Kendyl too and were nice enough to spend their Saturday nights at her party. Even Tanner was here from Idaho! She got some really cute stuff including a homemade duck toy from Daddy. It's rubber feet slap the floor when it's pushed. Yes, Nic is much more talented than his mate- that's why it was essential I married him ;) Nic and I also joined forces to create this doggy cake. He made the little fondant dogs (notice the little dog "accessories" he added), and I did the cake. Kendyl LOVES dogs- and this cake was no exception. She wanted to be RIGHT by that cake all night. I think she liked eating it even more. Overall it was a fun night. The cousins are always wild when they're together but it's cute how much they love eachother. And we can't wait for Tammy to have her baby GIRL so there can be one more princess! Happy Birthday Baby! You're one of the coolest people I know :)