Saturday, January 31, 2015

Kendyl's new Room!

Look at Kendyl's remodeled room!  Thanks to Nic for putting in hours and hours of hard work.  He paneled and painted the walls, He knocked out part of a wall to give her a closet.  He ripped down a whole wall of shelves.  He framed in the window.  He sanded and refinished the wood floor.  He painted and installed the sliding barn door.  He painted the walls.  He painted the bed..... And I picked out the bedspread and the "K".  Oh what would he do without me!? ;)  It might be the most adorable room there ever was.  And now, it has curtains and a beautiful rug.  Nic hasn't stopped building amazing things since the day we got married.  I'm luckier than I even realize.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

St. George for Nic's 35th!

We love St. George.  We'll take any chance we get to go down there and play.  This time, we went on a hike to the place Nic jumped off the cliff and broke his ankle when he was 19 (bottom left).  Great hike.  We also hit up the Children's museum, went on a Razor ride, played games, and Nic and I went on a date to dinner and a movie on his birthday.  Lots of fun!

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Some January Stuff

Here are some things I love about these pictures.  *Cam loves to cook.  She always wants to help and she wants to do things on her own.  Eggs has become her little specialty.  She makes eggs in every variety for the other kids each morning.  She is awesome.  *We have Gwen Shirley come over every Wednesday after school until dinner.  Her little brother, Boston, is currently undergoing chemotherapy each Wednesday, so we get to have Kendyl's BFF, Gwen play with us.  Here they are sitting in a box and pushing eachother down the stairs.  EXACTLY what kids SHOULD be doing :) *Kendyl took Tammy's snake, Pliskin, to Pet Day.  A few people almost ran out the door.  Nobody could believe that this sweet little girl was just walking around with this snake!  How cool is she :)  Calvy LOVES stories, especially this "Colors" board book that I picked up from DI.  He could thumb through it all day!  We iceskate a lot in the winter.  Usually outside at Station Park.  But this time, at the Rec Center for Dani's birthday party.  Have we improved?  poco.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Glamour Gals

When I was little, my favorite thing to do with my friends was Glamour shots.  We'd do makeup, hair, outfits, and hang a white sheet for a backdrop.  We could hardly wait to get the film developed and see how amazing we looked ;)  I decided to give these girls the same glorious experience at their sleepover with Dani and Dreya!  Haha.  They loved it....but sheesh, they looked way too old!

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Answered Prayers

Sometimes it's hard to really know when your prayers are being answered.  I've always wished I was one of those people that could have these amazing experiences where their prayers are answered in such obvious, miraculous ways.  Well Nic and I each had an experience last week in which we received immediate answers to prayers.  The situations weren't anything big, but the fact that our prayers were answered to quickly and obviously was definitely a tender mercy.

Me: Credit card in the wind

I went to McDonald's to get a Redbox on the windiest night of the year.  When I pulled my credit card out to swipe it, the wind pulled that card right out of  my hand and it blew away like I'd never seen anything blow through the air.  It rounded the corner, 15 feet in the air and I didn't have a clue where it went.  I assumed it was in Idaho.  It was the last thing I needed at that moment.  I got in my car and said a prayer that I could somehow find my card....yeah right.  The wind was still blowing furiously, but I drove around the corner and parked near a dumpter, just to the side of the drive through.  I got out of the car and walked to where my headlights were shining on a little pile of snow.  There, sticking out of the snow and shining brightly for me to see....was my credit card.  I.  Could.  Not.  Believe.  It.  The chance of that happening was 1 in a million.  It was a tender mercy that I needed at that moment and I'll never forget it or the relief I felt.

Nic:  Nixon's Belly

The whole fam was at my parents house on New Years Day to watch football games and swim.  Right before it was time to leave, I found Nixon in the bathroom hovered over the toilet, heaving.  He thought he was going to throw up.  His belly hurt.  When that wouldn't work, he sat on the toilet for a while.  Nada.  He kept complaining about his belly and we didn't know what to do for him.  Finally, he went back into the bathroom and he and Nic said a prayer that his belly would feel better.  They walked out of the bathroom and about 10 seconds later....Nixon burped.  He felt better.  Although Nixon attributes this answered prayer to his Dad making him better, we're grateful to have received another answered prayer...another tender mercy.