Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Some January Stuff

Here are some things I love about these pictures.  *Cam loves to cook.  She always wants to help and she wants to do things on her own.  Eggs has become her little specialty.  She makes eggs in every variety for the other kids each morning.  She is awesome.  *We have Gwen Shirley come over every Wednesday after school until dinner.  Her little brother, Boston, is currently undergoing chemotherapy each Wednesday, so we get to have Kendyl's BFF, Gwen play with us.  Here they are sitting in a box and pushing eachother down the stairs.  EXACTLY what kids SHOULD be doing :) *Kendyl took Tammy's snake, Pliskin, to Pet Day.  A few people almost ran out the door.  Nobody could believe that this sweet little girl was just walking around with this snake!  How cool is she :)  Calvy LOVES stories, especially this "Colors" board book that I picked up from DI.  He could thumb through it all day!  We iceskate a lot in the winter.  Usually outside at Station Park.  But this time, at the Rec Center for Dani's birthday party.  Have we improved?  poco.

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