Thursday, July 28, 2016

3 Wakeboarding Daughters!

All 3 of my girls learned how to wakeboard today!  They love it and I'm so pumped!  Can't wait to see them get better and better.

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Little pals

Camryn & Kendyl are either best friends or at each other's throat's most of the time. This week, they've been such good buddies. They decided they wanted to go running early every morning and I've been so proud of them! They go while I'm at the gym and we get home and just about the same time. They have even been making healthy breakfast for everyone. I got a kick out of them both reading the same  Diary of a Wimpy kid book from the library the other day.

Seven Peaks

We got the pass of all passes this year and have gone just about once a week. We've been a few times with the Belliston's and all the kids have such a blast together. Daddy came with us today and that always makes for the best time. He plays so well with all of them. Brooklyn and Kendyl even did the roller coaster. They didn't make it over the hump but they gave it their best shot! So fun.

Cookies with Cam

Camryn is as mature and fantastic as they come.  She made cookies COMPLETELY by herself today while I worked around the house.  She enlisted help from
Calvin.... And my heart melted.  He chose all the shapes, Christmas trees, hearts, ducks, you name it, and Cam let him use them.  The best.  And they were delicious.  And she's planning on taking a plate of them to Ed and Paula on the golf cart tomorrow :)

Sellers Reunion

We got to host the Sellers family reunion tonight.  My Dad's siblings and their kids and THEIR kids were all here ( except plenty were missing).  We had such a blast in the backyard.  Eating, playing bball, zip lining, fireworks at Ed's, smores and so much more.  I'm beyond grateful for this beautiful piece of heaven that we are so blessed to live on.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

July This and That

Kendyl's awesome family home evening lesson.  Calvy learning to ski.  Bubble Makers.  Cam's Star Wars performance with Elle.  3 Batmans. Being carted around in a tractor scoop by Kim.  Lots of cousins and LOTS of Fun!  

Saturday, July 16, 2016

St. George

Highlights of this trip include: *I gave B highlights with a cap!  I was a little worried if it would work, but it turned out cute :)  *Ants had taken over the house and I didn't know if I could ever go back.  * Took the girls to see 'Tarzan' at Tuacahn. *Went to DI and bought shirts that we cut up and redesigned.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Unusual kendyl Babe

You've can't help but love this funny kid.  For 2 nights in a row, she draped herself in this scarf and wore it to bed.  The next night, I found her asleep with toilet paper shoved in her nose.  Haha.  She always keeps us laughing....and wondering


A Saturday at the lake means big crowds.  We took the jet skis up to make better use of the waves :)  Nixon was dying to ski and he did a great job (wish I had a picture).  And Calvin was so impressed that he thought he's ski too!  Too cute.  You should have seen the stares we got from people.  They loved it.  The girls just wanted to drive the jet ski like maniacs and kayak.  Very fun day.  Thanks to Heather and Josh for the invite.  Kendyl loved having macy as a playmate.