Friday, September 30, 2016


AnnaLisa gave me a lesson on how to hit the ball at the driving range :)  We drove my golf cart over, had some lunch, and then the lesson began.  The boys had their own clubs and balls and practiced right next to us.  Adorable of course.  I felt pretty good about my swing!  Made that ball fly!  Maybe I've found my calling ;)

Cross E Ranch Field Trip

September this and that

We've added Leo & Calvin to our Shirley-Clark playgroup!  So awesome that they all have a friend their age.  And they're in the same classes at school!

See these chapsticks Cam's holding?  Well they're actually white chocolate.  We bought the tubes on Amazon and we filled them up and the girls decorated the case.  Cam did BYU & Utah and B just did cute ones :)  They made a lot of money selling them to their classmates!

Calvin has been obsessed with babies lately.  It's all been inspired by his love for Vivi.  Here he is feeding his baby Vivi :)

Yep, they're holding hands on the way to school.  Melt my heart.

Calvin is obsessed with his jetskis.  Sits their and makes the engine sounds forever.

Field trip to the Natural History Museum.  I had semi-permanent brain damage after the bus ride.


Wednesday, September 28, 2016

My new kitchen!

We were tired of our outdated kitchen, then one weekend (it may have been our anniversary weekend), we just went for it!  Sanded & painted all day.  We also added wood planks on the painted walls, new light fixture, new appliances, new sink, new hardware and new floors.  We love it and I'm so grateful for Nic and how fast and well he works on projects.  

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Danger Zone

Yep, they're now jumping off the zip line tower to the tramp.  Makes my knees hurt just watching them.  Nixon does this too. Scares me.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Donut Falls Hike

Nic and I had such a great time on our hike on our anniversary, we decided we'd do more Sunday hikes.  The kids really enjoyed this hike to Donut Falls...although next time I think the bunny needs to stay home #thumper.  Calvin loved carrying a backpack :)