Friday, September 30, 2016

September this and that

We've added Leo & Calvin to our Shirley-Clark playgroup!  So awesome that they all have a friend their age.  And they're in the same classes at school!

See these chapsticks Cam's holding?  Well they're actually white chocolate.  We bought the tubes on Amazon and we filled them up and the girls decorated the case.  Cam did BYU & Utah and B just did cute ones :)  They made a lot of money selling them to their classmates!

Calvin has been obsessed with babies lately.  It's all been inspired by his love for Vivi.  Here he is feeding his baby Vivi :)

Yep, they're holding hands on the way to school.  Melt my heart.

Calvin is obsessed with his jetskis.  Sits their and makes the engine sounds forever.

Field trip to the Natural History Museum.  I had semi-permanent brain damage after the bus ride.


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