Monday, October 21, 2013

This and That

*Nixon helping with dishes
*Kendyl was bribed that if she scored a goal, we'd get donuts ;)
*Kendyl LOVES puzzles and she's pretty darn good at them.
*The bottom picture is a classic.  For as smart as Camryn is, there are certain math concepts she refuses to grasp (clocks mainly).  Here is her Daddy, mustering all the patience he can to try to teach her.  Now here is where I admit that both Nic and I have definitely lost our cool on an occasion or two as we've gone in circles with Cam and her math :)  (Memories of Dad and Tammy!)

The time Nixon split his head...

So... one Sunday morning after the kids were all bathed and partially ready for church, they went to the basement to play while I got ready upstairs.  Suddenly, I heard screams of DEATH coming from the basement.  I RAN down the stairs (they were 2 flights away) just as C & B made their way to the main floor.  It was as if they'd seen a ghost.  They were hysterical....and Nixon was running up the stairs just as scared as could be, chasing his 2 terrified older sisters.  Camryn managed to say, "Nixon's head!".  I grabbed my baby off the stairs, ran to the bathroom where Nana was getting dressed (sorry again about that Nana!), and put a towel on the bloody wound.  I hadn't taken a good look at it yet and was just praying it wasn't serious.  Once I got everyone calmed down, we took a closer look at it and decided we'd better call Grandpa and get this thing stitched.  Nic was at church meetings, but he left early and met us at Dad's office. Nixon was NOT happy to be pinned down and seeing as we were in a bit of a hurry (primary program was starting in about an hour), we settled on gluing the wound.  It took 4 of us to hold down a maniac Nixon.

Anyway...after a week of pulling his tape off and re-bonking his wound the next week at church (goose-egg and blood), my Dad decided the scar was looking pretty bad and we'd better get it stitched up.  I took Nixter in the next day and Dad drugged him with some Ketamine so Nixon would "play dead" for the procedure.  I do NOT like Ketamine, it freaks me out to see my baby look as if he is dead, eyes open and everything, just not able to move.  I sat in the other room until it was dead, then held him while he came out of it.  He couldn't walk for a couple hours :)  But he's doing great now and his scar looks awesome :)  Good job Dr. Sellers!  We're SO SO grateful to have you!!!!

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Man Games

Man Games was awesome :)  Nic, Matt, Ryan and Quinton (who flew out for the event) were quite the team.  This was the first year Man Games has been around.  Basically, you compete in 6 events, turn in your times, and find out 2 months later if your team was any good.  Haha, we're still waiting to see how they did :)  It was tons of fun though.  They got to swing from a GIANT rope swing, fly board, swim, wrestle a muddy pig, joust from a horse, and do a crossfit obstacle course.  They had a great time and hopefully they'll do it again.  It's just as fun for the spectators :)  When they were wrestling the pig and it was squeeling like crazy, someone commented that they felt bad for the pig,  Kendyl said, "I don't feel bad cause I just want the ham for dinner!".  Man that girl kills me :)


These beautiful little girls are back in school!  The twins started 2nd grade with Ms. Dickson (who left on the 2nd day to teach somewhere else), and now they have Mrs. Stephenson.  They were sad at first, but now they love Mrs. S :)  They absolutely love school and as a mom, it's such a relief to see their joy of it all.  They are smart girls and do so well.  I lucked out.  Kendyl started her final year of preschool a couple weeks later with Mrs. Trish.  Miss Shanna had a new baby, and sadly, discovered she had lymphoma is is currently going through chemo....she'll be ok, but needless to say, she wasn't able to teach this year.  Kendyl LOVES her new preschool and she's excited to learn how to read this year!  Kendyl is such a bubbly, crazy little tooty- nothing surprised me with her.  Camryn and Brooklyn left Kendyl these cute notes before they left to school on Kendyl's first day.  She was so happy to get them.  One more year till little Nixon starts preschool!  Hopefully he's just excited about it.  So far- I haven't had any sad school kids!  (knock on wood).

Final Days of Summer 2013

It's always depressing when summer ends, although my kids cant WAIT for school to start.  We spent our last days of summer swimming, going on walks, starting soccer, and going on a quick Idaho trip for SpudFest.  Notice the awesome chair Nic built out of skis :)  Also notice my old bike (once pink) that he painted blue and yellow.  The girls love it!  Also, the picture of Nixter with the icecream is when we went on a little date to Yogurt Land.  He was so much fun- I sure love that little boy.  It's hard to look at these pictures and see how much my kids are growing up.  They are at such cute ages- I just hate how quickly it passes by.  Just have to enjoy every moment I guess!

Thursday, October 17, 2013


                                                             Dragonflys with Jenna
Camryn & Brooklyn had an entirely different team this year.  We switched from the "Legacy Prep" boundaries to the "Woods Cross" boundaries.  It was an entirely different experience for these girls.  They were on a team full of kids that were EXCITED to play and actually tried really hard!  Camryn is still struggling to find her 'love' of the game and we feel like we had to get after her to "run faster", "kick the ball", etc.  When she tries her best, she does well, it's just motivating her to try her best.  Brooklyn, on the other hand, went out there and played her hardest and never wanted to come out.  She loves soccer and she loves to push herself to the max.  She scored a couple goals this season and did so well!
                                                         Cinnamon Bears with Lesa
Kendyl's team was so fun to watch.  4 year olds are just figuring out the game so it's a lot different than watching the older girls.  Kendyl scored quite a few goals and was one of the better players on her team!  We were proud of her.  She would wave, blow a kiss and give us a thumbs up every time she would score.  What a ham :)  She scored a goal her first game and earned herself a box of donuts from Daddy.  A little bribery never hurt anything!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013


My first and LAST garage sale took place this summer!  I wanted to know FOR SURE that this baby is a boy- so I waited for my confirmation ultrasound then made plans to get rid of ALL my little girl stuff (3T and smaller).  I couldn't BELIEVE how much stuff I had!!!  Tables and tables full of clothes, dresses, shoes, bedding, coats, costumes, toys, and much, much more.  My mom had a bunch of junk to sell too so we did this together.  It took weeks of  prep of gathering and labeling everything.  We had our tables loaded and squished into the garage the night before the sale so we'd be ready first thing in the morning.  And people were DEFINITELY there first thing in the, an hour before we'd advertised for it to begin.  Oh well!  We sold a TON of stuff and probably had just as much if not MORE left over at the end.  I was able to sell lots of my leftovers online.  The rest were given to neighbors and dropped off at DI.  It feels FABULOUS to have all that stuff gone!  I don't want to repeat the madness of a garage sale or deal with the crazy bargainers ever again- so it looks like Dreya will be getting our hand-me-downs from now on :)  I ended up making over $600 so I'm happy about it!  That night- we had dinner and ice cream with my parents to celebrate our "successful" day :)

Pineview Weekend

Matt, Kate, Averi and Elle joined us for a weekend at Pineview.  We went boating and had dinner at the lake, then headed to Eden to spend the night at Mom and Dad's place.  The girls were in Heaven of course.  The next day we swam at the neighborhood pool.  It's always nice to get away for a little while- even when it's just an hour up the road, it seems like a different world up there!  About as beautiful as it gets.