Sunday, October 20, 2013

Man Games

Man Games was awesome :)  Nic, Matt, Ryan and Quinton (who flew out for the event) were quite the team.  This was the first year Man Games has been around.  Basically, you compete in 6 events, turn in your times, and find out 2 months later if your team was any good.  Haha, we're still waiting to see how they did :)  It was tons of fun though.  They got to swing from a GIANT rope swing, fly board, swim, wrestle a muddy pig, joust from a horse, and do a crossfit obstacle course.  They had a great time and hopefully they'll do it again.  It's just as fun for the spectators :)  When they were wrestling the pig and it was squeeling like crazy, someone commented that they felt bad for the pig,  Kendyl said, "I don't feel bad cause I just want the ham for dinner!".  Man that girl kills me :)

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