Sunday, January 31, 2010

Clark Family Pictures

We had family pictures taken while we were in Ohio. Here are a few of my favorites! And sorry to any of you hopeful modeling agents, most of us are under contract. ;)

Monday, January 25, 2010

A few things for the memory box

Camryn & Brooklyn-Named their barbies: Rissa, Barbie Dot Com, Butter-Jam & Yogurt.
Spend most of their time each day playing barbies in their room with their new doll house.
Come into our room when they wake up in the morning and say, "it's on outside". And likewise, it's "off" when the sun goes down.
Sing "happy birthday" a dozen times each day to some random toy.
Are hyper and crazy as can be around family....Shy as can be around everyone else...I don't get it!
Have been wearing panties to bed for a few months now and haven't had many accidents. That's HUGE for them!
Have quiet time each afternoon for at least an hour in the basement. They watch a movie (usually a Barbie movie lately), and play in the playroom. This takes place during Kendyl's afternoon nap. It's a LOVELY hour.
Push chairs up to the counter EVERY time I cook and "help". It's always much appreciated.

Kendyl- Says "Uh-Oh" over & over & over again whenever anything gets dropped.
Says "Mama", "Dada" and "Ball" for anything that's circular.
Makes animal sounds for monkey, cow, pig & dog.
Likes to play in the potty chair.
Gets in the cereal cupboard, pulls out a bag/box, walks around munching on it ALL the time.
Is starting to like binkies more & more....uh oh.
Runs everywhere and does the stairs like a champ. (She's usually up or down them before I even notice she's gone...scary.)
Helps unload the dishwasher.
Always wants to be held, then immediately wants down, and back and forth all day. Fickle child. She's SOOOO exhausting! But cute.

And as a whole- this little group LOVES to play ALL day long. Kendyl hangs right with the other girls. Here they are having a blast at Discovery yesterday.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Happy Birthday Lover!!

First things first. Ashley Nelson- You ROCK!!! Nic's sister Ashley offered to take all three girls last weekend. The girls had a blast and got totally spoiled....but this post isn't about them, it's about Nic!!! Yep, today is the big day. Nic has officially dumped his 20's, bless his heart. I swear, he gets better with age. We had the BEST time celebrating!! We started it off with the BEST Jazz game ever on Thursday! The Jazz beat the Cavs by a shot at the buzzer. Nic and I were practically doing back flips up in the stands. It's all we could talk about for the next day.

Friday was the craziest day of my life. Nic went to work, and I was a TOTAL WOS all day. I sat in the tub, read my book, took a nap, watched TV and ate cereal. I felt slightly guilty for wasting a day away, but looking back, it was NOT a waste and I wish I could do it again! We even got to go to the gym together which NEVER happens (I'm early mornings, he's afternoons). We figured people should know we're married (too many ladies hitting on Nic :)) After that we got ready and went to Tucanos for dinner. Thanks Holly & Clark for joining us. We concluded that night with a late showing of Avatar. AWESOME movie!!! Anyway, reality hit the next day when we got our girlies back....and the crumbs began accumulating on the floor again ;) It was actually nice to get them back. Today we made Nic breakfast for dinner and gave him some presents. This ol' guy FINALLY got some leather harness boots (he's wanted some since we were dating), a tennis racquet and a little Hot Wheels car (C&B picked it out). Happy Birthday to the COOLEST guy in the house.... We love you Nic!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


I'm just in love with these 2 adorable ballerinas. They've been so pumped all week to go to ballet. After I got them dressed in their ballet clothes, Brooklyn said, "Camryn, you look so beautiful". Camryn replied, "You look so beautiful too". Then without a moment's hesitation, they threw their arms around eachother. I was DYING laughing. It was perhaps, the best day of their lives. Only 7 more days till they get to go back! Dani signed up too, so there's even more excitement for ballet.


These 2 boys turn 30 within a couple weeks of eachother. Quinton was here visiting last weekend so it was only appropriate that they wear crowns while eating some dessert for their birthdays! They also enjoyed a day of snowmobiling.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Kendyl's New Seat!

I can barely shut the door on my Tahoe. Seriously, three huge carseats all packed together is a little tight. Oh well, Kendyl is loving this new carseat (which I bought months ago). I pulled it out of the box and set it in on the floor and she climbed on it all night. Too cute.


I can't believe it...sniff.

They didn't want me to leave during opening exercises and cried when I tried to sneak off, however, once they were in their classroom, I left and they did great the rest of the time. I kept spying on them for the next 2 hours. They're so dang cute. I can't believe they're getting so big.


We finally got the girls a sled! Since they've all had RSV/Asthma and get sick at the drop of a hat, we don't spend a lot of time outside in the winter...but seriously, we can't keep them indoors forever! They LOVED sledding in the backyard (Nic and I got quite the workout running around, pulling a sled full of kids). Brooklyn especially loved it and didn't want to come in. Time for some fresh snow to fall so we can take on a SERIOUS hill!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Why-O Why-O Why-O, Did I Ever Leave Ohio?

If you've ever seen "Back to the Beach", the title to this post won't be so foreign. ***WARNING***Dangerously LONG post***We spent Christmas break spoiling ourselves with treats, family and lots of fun. The time went by way too fast and Nic and I are wishing we were still there. As always, Nana and Papa were top chefs, spoiling us with turkey, ribs, crab, steak and all the delicious sides that go along with it. We were also lucky enough to have Grandma & Grandpa Schenk AND Grandma & Grandpa Clark join us all for the holidays! My favorite part was that there was no room left in the inn and part of the family slept in an RV parked in the driveway. Can you say, a Griswald Family Christmas? Awesome. Camryn & Brooklyn were in heaven with the surplus of Nana's toys, and also the surplus of toys from Santa. They spent most of their time out of sight in the basement! It was so fun to see their excitement for Christmas and Santa this year. The most magical part of Christmas day was when Camryn and Brooklyn discovered some of Santa's sleigh bells out on the patio. There just happened to be enough for all 4 little girls. Guess they fell off Santa's sleigh!! (Nic, you're adorable.) It was also fun to have Dani, the Clark's foreign exchange student from Spain, around. He'd never seen snow and spent half his time outside on his little snowboard doing flips off his ramp. We were also lucky enough to have Nic perform the Haka for us! He went on his mission to New Zealand and learned some wild stuff over there. The last day of the trip was spent getting family pictures taken in Columbus. Let's keep our fingers crossed that I don't have "frozen smile" in each picture. We had a Very Merry Christmas and feel so blessed to have such wonderful families to celebrate with. I truely think of Nic's family as my own. It was destiny that I become a Clark. I wish we could all be together more often!

Other highlights of the trip
*Steve telling me about his new alarm clark....3 times.
*Going to Sherlock Holmes. (AWESOME movie)
*Going to Princess & the Frog with Nana, Gma Schenk, the twins, and another set of 3 year old female twins from Nana's ward.
*Punching Kate in the arm so hard she had knuckle bruises for a week...j/k Kate. Our arm punching war was actually pretty fun though! And painful.
*Donald's Donuts
*Rock Band- I am a SKILLED drummer :)
*Kendyl's never-ending mission to find candy.
*Watching old home videos that Lyle so kindly put on DVD for all of us!

The girls did exceptionally well on the airplane. Kendyl actually napped and C&B entertained themeselves with Barbies and Paperdolls.

Acting out Luke 2. I still don't know how I didn't get a part!!! ;)

The infamous pinata. Yes, Sean and Tanner seem to out-do themselves on the pinata making. Tanner made this one, but Sean made a sweet dude snowman at our last Ohio Christmas. (See Christmas 2007 :) )

Shooting Ashley with a paintball gun. And getting shot square in the back with the paintball gun. It hurt like a you-know-what. Thanks Ash.

Camryn & Brooklyn have their own mini table at Nana's house.

The Jingle Bell

Opening presents Christmas morning. Notice Camryn extracting a pack of gum from her stocking. Pretty sure that was her favorite present.

Searching for the Pickle on the Tree. I hand my crown to you Ashley.

Camryn & Brooklyn got to sleep in a princess castle in Nana & Papa's room!

A counter FULL of treats at all times.

Camryn & Grandma Schenk. The girls really bonded with the great grandmas during our vacation.

Kendyl's a PRO at the Wii Fit!

Nic went out for a hunt one day. Unsuccesful.

The proud puzzle-doers.

Sean & his friend Alex Williams had their Eagle Scout Court of Honor while we were there (which Sean actually earned in June 08'). Now Papa and his 4 sons are all Eagle Scouts. Does that make for some proud parents!?

Doing flips with Papa!

Kendyl & Averi are the cutest little baby BFF's ever! They had so much fun together and practically looked liked twins themselves, being only 3 months apart. And don't worry, Camryn too became best friends with baby Averi.

Dani snowboarding.

Kate & Steff Punch-out video

Paintball Attack (I'm the victim in this particular episode)

Nic's Haka