Monday, January 25, 2010

A few things for the memory box

Camryn & Brooklyn-Named their barbies: Rissa, Barbie Dot Com, Butter-Jam & Yogurt.
Spend most of their time each day playing barbies in their room with their new doll house.
Come into our room when they wake up in the morning and say, "it's on outside". And likewise, it's "off" when the sun goes down.
Sing "happy birthday" a dozen times each day to some random toy.
Are hyper and crazy as can be around family....Shy as can be around everyone else...I don't get it!
Have been wearing panties to bed for a few months now and haven't had many accidents. That's HUGE for them!
Have quiet time each afternoon for at least an hour in the basement. They watch a movie (usually a Barbie movie lately), and play in the playroom. This takes place during Kendyl's afternoon nap. It's a LOVELY hour.
Push chairs up to the counter EVERY time I cook and "help". It's always much appreciated.

Kendyl- Says "Uh-Oh" over & over & over again whenever anything gets dropped.
Says "Mama", "Dada" and "Ball" for anything that's circular.
Makes animal sounds for monkey, cow, pig & dog.
Likes to play in the potty chair.
Gets in the cereal cupboard, pulls out a bag/box, walks around munching on it ALL the time.
Is starting to like binkies more & more....uh oh.
Runs everywhere and does the stairs like a champ. (She's usually up or down them before I even notice she's gone...scary.)
Helps unload the dishwasher.
Always wants to be held, then immediately wants down, and back and forth all day. Fickle child. She's SOOOO exhausting! But cute.

And as a whole- this little group LOVES to play ALL day long. Kendyl hangs right with the other girls. Here they are having a blast at Discovery yesterday.


Natalie said...

Can you beleive how much joy those 3 bring you? I always have those moments of love and appreciation for Rylee. Too much fun and entertainment. Your girls are adorable!

Clark's Corner said...

Such great memories! Such adorable girlies! Gotta love them.
The Nana

aclark said...

I couldn't tell which one was on the horse for a minute, they are looking more and more alike! So cute!!