Monday, August 31, 2009

The "Eating" House

Last week was the Sellers turn at the Eden house (Camryn calls it the Eating House...which is also true). Nic came up each day after work and we went boating and played. Here are some of our adventures starting with the Sunday before we left at the canyon. Nic cooked some seriously good food- unfortunately, we got rained out before we could do smores. Good thing the grill cooks marshmallows.

There's a little farm called Carver's Cove down the street from my parent's place. We took the girls a couple years ago and they were freaked. This year, they were in heaven! They even let the little goats jump up on them and loved it! They told me their favorite part was riding the horse.

A few miles up the road from where we were staying was a huge Moto Cross(X) event called the Jeremy McGrath Powder Mountain MX. We were hoping to see some famous people- but the best we got was the producer of Nitro Circus, Greg Godfrey. Jeremy McGrath was also there- he actually designed the course(Do we really care who these people are? Probably not). Anyway, it was really cool and the bikers were insane!

The twinners made necklaces with Grandma one day.

Kendyl enjoyed herself too.

And of course, there was alot of boating. I wish I had a good video of me crashing. I'll have whiplash and a constant headache for another week. Ashley took some great pictures and I only got a couple videos. C & B decided they were advanced enough to surf with Daddy. It was adorable. They're going to be quite the little dare devils. Hey- I'll take that over the chickens they've been in the past! (Sorry Camryn's video is sideways- I'm retarded)

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Yes...we do the same stuff every week.

You've seen enough of the girlies skiing. So here's yours truly on the wakeboard. WOOO!!!

Kendyl is our newest Discovery Gateway Junkie. (Seriously, I go here to entertain my kids and to give myself a break from cleaning their nonstop messes....but it's SOOOO boring. Anyone want to join me next time? I'm there alot.)

The problem with big girl beds...although it is pretty cute.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

How to keep yourself busy...

We began the week with swimming lessons. Tammy and I are teaching Dani, Camryn & Brooklyn at my parents' pool. Wish us luck- it's a bit chaotic.

See the resemblence? This is Grandma Sellers (mother) when she was a babe.

OH NO!!! Kendyl's a stander! This week was a big one for our baby. She's crawling up the stairs, standing in her crib, crawling on her hands and knees and growing up WAY WAY too fast.

Crack'n the egg on the new trampoline! And yes--I've pulled out all my old sweet moves. That's for a later post.

We hadn't been boating in over a month, but luckily the girls hadn't lost their mad waterskiing skills!

When you give a 3 year old an icecream cone...

And last but not least, we couldn't pass up the smelly Davis County Fair. These girlies LOVE animals and were pumped to feed the goats, sheep and chickens. Thank goodness they're starting to overcome their wussiness. They even road the ponies...happily!

Sunday, August 9, 2009


Life has settled down a bit and we've just been taking it easy. Our aunt Sue and her daughter Sydnie stayed with us a few days last week. We had fun at Discovery and the pool.

Holly and I took the kiddies to Lagoon the other day. They LOVED it and went on tons of rides. And don't worry- Holly and I will be there again this week with our Bounce Backs!

Here are the ladies in the tubby (Are they still ladies when they're posing nude?). It's nice having Kendyl sitting up now. She'll be walking before we know it. scary.

Nic and I also celebrated our 6th anniversary on Saturday!! And guess what...we still like eachother!!! Love ya T-Boat!