Sunday, June 24, 2012

Huntsman 140

Dad did a 5 day bike race last week. It started in Wendover with a group of about 12 men, and ended at the Huntsman Cancer Institute in Salt Lake with a couple hundred people! The final day of the ride is 140 miles, which is when all the other people join in. The purpose of this ride? To honor and raise money for those who've been affected by this horrible disease. Our family has definitely been affected. One hill they road was in memory of Bryce and my Grandpa who both lost their lives from cancer. My mom drove SLOWLY behind the group all week. She's quite the trooper. It was a very emotional scene as we all stood at the finish line waiting for the pack of riders to cross the line. There were 2 kids that crossed the line first, both cancer kids. It was especially emotional to see Tammy give my Dad a big hug at the end. We'll always love our B-Town and it means so much to be able to honor and remember him whenever we can! Great job Dad    (youtube video Huntsman 140) After the race, we all met at the Mueller Park canyon to roast hotdogs and have a little Father's Day celebration. It was alot of fun. We need to go there more. I know I've said it before, but seriously, how in the WORLD did I get so lucky to have the dad that I do,the husband that I do, and the father-in-law that I do. They are all strong, smart, fun, loving, incredible men who I love with all my heart!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Camryn & Brooklyn are 6!

6!? Where has the time gone....seriously. These beautiful little girls were so excited to have a party with all their friends. We probably ended up with about 25 kids at our house! It was actually a lot of fun. We had the waterslide set up, a pony named "Snoopy" giving kids rides in the front yard (yes, we actually rented a pony), and all the other backyard excitement they could find. It was fun to see the girls interact with their friends. They got WAY too many presents, but were so grateful for each and every one :) They decided that next year they could invite their friends over to play on the waterslide, but we'd skip the present part :) These little girls are absolute ladies. I'm constantly impressed by their good manners and positive attitudes. They never question what they're told and they help with Kendyl and Nixon all day long. Sometimes I feel like I'm dreaming with these kids. And then I remember....the teenage years are yet to come, so don't get too comfortable! But for now, I'm one happy Mama!

The Highland Games

For the record, Nic just told me, "Please don't make me sound better than I really am." I told him I would just report the facts :) This was QUITE the event! I never thought I'd see my husband in a skirt/kilt, but I'm SO glad I did :) One of his buddies at the gym told him about the Highland Games a couple months ago and Nic thought it sounded pretty cool. He got in touch with the Highland Games God, or so it seemed when Nic got to his house and he had an entire course in his backyard. This man has made quite the name for himself in the Highland Games World. This was the ONE day Nic prepared for the games, but I'm pretty sure he impressed this guy when he threw the weight RIGHT through the side of this guy's barn. Nic was embarrased, but the guy just laughed. He did NOT think Nic could throw the weight that far! Anyway, Nic did GREAT at the games and earned 2nd place in his class! He has a sweet sword to prove it :) He got first in "Weight over Bar" (see video). He beat 9 other guys who have all been doing this for a few years. My favorite event was the Sheaf Toss (see video). Overall, it was a fun, long, windy day. The kids and I had fun cheering on Nic. Tammy & Britten came too. Nic is already getting pumped about the next Highland Games event coming up in a few weeks. Who knew he would turn Scotish on me!? (youtube video "Nic WINS weight over bar at Highland Games", "Nic does the Sheaf Toss")

Brooklyn's Church Bag

I was about to hang up Brooklyn's church bag the other day, but I decided to look through it first...just for kicks. I took a picture because I NEVER want to forget how fabulous this little girl is! The little toys for Nixon! Really!? Love, Love, Love.


Thursday, June 7, 2012

Kindergarten Graduates!

Camryn & Brooklyn have been singing songs and reciting poems for months now. We FINALLY got to witness the fruits of their labors at their adorable little Kindergarten Graduation Program last week. Brooklyn had the first line of the show and welcomed us all there. Camryn got to talk about Asia. Their parts were recited perfectly. They also did a song and dance with the boys....uh oh ;) It was the cutest program ever and we're very proud of how patriotic our little girls have become :) Kindergarten at Legacy Prep has done wonders for these two. They read like pros, have fabulous math skills, their art skills are incredible and I've seen them make friends and just enjoy the year. And here are the girls with their teachers, Mrs. Thomas and Ms. Merrill. Funny little Camryn with a personality as big as the shy. She couldn't even muster a few actions because she was scared. Haha. Sweet girl. (youtube video "B&c count at program")

Memorial Day in St. George

St. George is awesome. Enough Said. We had a lot of fun there with my parents over the holiday. We also celebrated my Dad's birthday while we were there. The girls went to the Dollar Store and got to pick out things that reminded them of Grandpa. They picked a backscratcher, Cheetos, a puzzle, a mind game, binoculars and Hot Tamales. They were so excited to give him his presents while we ate dinner at Pizza Factory. We also enjoyed some leisurely pool time. The girls' favorite thing to do is ride the plasma cars around the pool. Their toes were all cut and bloody by the end of each day, but they didn't care...they rode on! The girls LOVE when I sew them things. I actually like doing it for them because they really do appreciate it and think it's special. As a mom, those are the moments that mean the most. Anyway, they've been asking me to make them a dress, so I took the easy, fast route and made them some patriotic skirts while we were there. They love now we're all happy :) We went to the Visitor's Center on Sunday afternoon and went on the little tour. The missionary told the girls' to touch the Statue of Christ and I thought this was a sweet little picture. Then we took some others just for fun. The girls painted bird houses one night. We roasted Marshmallows! And played in the playroom. And threw rocks....because Daddy is getting nice and good at throwing heavy things as a competitor in this weekends Highland Games! (Don't worry, there will be a post on that). And on our way out, we stopped at Sandhallow for a little boating adventure. Although we weren't in town to visit the graves of our loved oned that have passed away, we definitely think about our Grandparents, and Bryce and Robert all the time. Oh man....even typing their names makes me emotional. We miss these guys....we miss them so much. They were exceptional, extraordinary, full of life and full of love and they'll NEVER EVER be forgotten.