Saturday, August 30, 2008

25 Weeks

No, it's not a typo, my belly really is this large at 25 weeks. I double checked with my doc the other day to make sure there was in fact only one child in there. Affirmative.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Lake Powell

Last week was our annual Lake Powell Trip with the Sellers (My fam). The little girls all had TONS of fun. The older people had some fun too- but there were a few set backs that I wish we could have avoided. The problems? Let's see...Nic, Camryn & Brooklyn all decided to get horrible colds the day before we left. Nap time is a nightmare when your options are a 200 degree tent or a crowded houseboat. The Mastercraft boat totally broke (transmission) a couple days into the trip; And my mom's brain nearly exploded every time a new batch of flies broke into the houseboat (you better watch out when she gets ahold of a fly swatter). Sadly, we had to leave a day early to avoid any more drama. The first couple days were a lot of fun though. We got to wakeboard, try out the new surfboard (so fun), watch Clark take the girls Lizard Hunting, and sit around a fire and watch our neighbors have Naked Parties :) Seriously, that's not a joke. And just enjoy our time together.

Picture Explanation: One picture on this grid may have been altered a tad to protect the innocence of two little girls. And also, I SWEAR I was there, unfortunately (or maybe fortunately), I am not capable of taking pictures of myself. My dad, however, took lots of pictures of everybody. When those are finally sent to me, I might post a couple. Don't hold your breath though.

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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Davis County Fair

We decided to get crazy yesterday and go to the fair. Sadly, I couldn't go on any of the awesome fair rides (The Zipper) in my current, large condition; but I did manage to squeeze on to the elephant ride with Brooklyn. They loved the rides and the yummy fair food. Their favorite part was by far the little petting zoo. Brooklyn wouldn't leave this poor baby goat alone. We had a hard time getting her out of there. It was pretty cute.

Monday, August 11, 2008

August Stuff

Here are a few pictures of the last few weeks. We've been able to hang out with friends and go on some fun outings. My favorite was going to the Homestead in Midway this last weekend for our 5 year anniversary. Sorry--you don't get pictures of that :) But enjoy the other pictures! Thanks to Nana and Ashley for spending a few days here and helping with the girlies so we could enjoy our little getaway. Also- we finally saw a couple movies. Batman: A+, Mama Mia: Only see it if you're doing a girls night, and if you know all the Abba songs. DO NOT TAKE A MAN- unless he is in serious need of some torture.
*WARNING* The flash on the camera makes my see-thru leggings even MORE see-thru. I think most of you won't be too alarmed.
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