Friday, October 31, 2014


Holidays are month long events now-a-days.  These kids were in their costumes for some event or another almost every day!  Nixon found this skeleton costume at Smiths and decided that's what he wanted to be.  He put it on right when we got home and we could hardly get it off him for the next week.  He wanted to scare us :)  The twins wanted to be witches and we found the bulk of their costumes at DI.  Kendyl found her ROCKER costume at Costco and it was perfect for her.  Calvin was this adorable lion.  I found some "Incredibles" costumes on a Facebook yardsale a few days before Halloween.  My intention was to save them for next year, but Nixon obviously found them and couldn't wait to be Mr. Incredible.  I had to let him :)  Here we are at a preschool program (Nixon was about to get a fever, little did I know, I wasn't feeling very festive that day), the Fall Festival, Grandma's Halloween party (which was very awesome), Main Street Trick-or-Treating (I even dressed up for that one!), and a backyard glamour shot :)  We also trick-or-treated in our own neighborhood and hit up 2 Trunk-or-Treats!  I think we collected about 30 pounds of candy, no joke!

October Wrap-up

It all pretty much speaks for itself.  I think our life is too good :)  During those times when I'm stressed and angry about the messes and the craziness, I need to step back and remember how truly blessed I am to be the mother to these 5 amazing little kids.  My prayers were answered times 10 to have the family I have..... I should never ever be allowed to be ornery.
*Nixon cut his own hair,...and was VERY embarased and ashamed.  Nic had to "fix" it that night and Nixon was thinking he was going to get his old hair back, not get more cut off!  He cried and cried.  We just had to assure him that he was going to look like Chase and Hudson :)
* My kids LOVE to help me cook.  I wish I had time to do more of it.  It's always a battle of who gets to pour in the next ingredient.  Camryn keeps telling me she wants to learn how.
*Kendyl and Nixon have these 2 friends, Gwen & Boston Shirley.  The boys are at the same preschool and the girls are both at Legacy.  They have become good friends since we started carpooling.  We've had lots of playdates and they are all peas in a pod.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Calvi- 10 months

Nic and I are done having kids.  That declaration just puts a pit in my stomach.  Seeing Calvi get big is so awesome and so heart wrenching all at once.  He is so happy, curious, and loving.  Really the perfect baby to end on.  He LOVES to eat...maybe because he gets table food instead of baby food.  He LOVES his siblings to carry him around.  He loves to chase our automatic vacuum, Doobi, around.  He loves his binki.  He loves when I sing him "I Am a Child of God" before bed.  He loves laying his head in a pile of blankies.  His smile is to squishy and cute.  He claps, says "mama" and "dada".  Sleeps like a champ.  Nurses like a champ.  I'm just in love.  In love.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Nixon's Pumpkin Patch Field Trip

Nixon.  He's 3 1/2 years old and he still just melts my heart from the second he gets out of bed in the morning.  He is so cute.  Seriously, just so cute.  His little voice.  His little teeth.  His little body.  The funny things he says.  Oh man.... it's unreal.  He was cute at his field trip....and a bit of a stinker as he refused to be in a few of the class pictures.  He participated in frosting his cookie and picking out pumpkins though.  He was so excited to pick one out for Dad :)

Friday, October 17, 2014

3rd Grade Planetarium Field Trip

Volunteering at the school has gotten harder and harder since I now have a mobile baby and a needy toddler.  I love going on field trips with my kids so I decided I'd just have to make it work.  It was a little tough being in charge of 6 kids PLUS my babies on a bus ride and a day at the planetarium, but it was a lot of fun.  The kids were SO SO nice to little Nixon.  He was so happy and pumped all day.  I was almost emotional as I watched the 3rd grade girls and boys on the bus giving Nixon high fives and making him feel like he was the coolest kid on the bus.  And of course, Camryn and Brooklyn chased Nixon around and helped me tremendously, even though they were on a field trip with their class.

It's Britney in Vegas!!

For UEA, we headed to St. George!  I drove to Vegas to meet up with my sisters who had already been there for a couple of days, so we could see Britney Spears in concert!  Yes, it's always been on my Bucket List so I was excited to go.  It was a lot of fun and I was just so excited to get to see her in real life.  We also went to dinner, layed by the pool, played a little black jack and enjoyed the strip.  It was a very quick trip for me, seeing as I had to get home to my nursing baby and relieve Britten from watching all the kids while Nic worked.  The rest of our St. George trip was full of sledding down the sand dunes, swimming, playing at the pumpkin patch & panning for precious rocks, and keeping a dozen kids under control!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Cornbelly's Dance Performance

Look how cute these little dancers are!!  These girls have so much fun at dance and have such a patient, fun teacher.  They get to do lots of performances, including a Halloween performance at Cornbelly's!  Ashley, Matt, Averi, Elle and Nana all came to watch these girls dance and then to play at Cornbelly's.  Check out this giant corn box!  I kind of want one ;)