Sunday, June 26, 2011

Pierced Ears!

These little ladies have been wanting their ears pierced ever since they saw the studs at Claires (my bad). Let's be honest, I was excited for them to get their ears pierced, I figured it would be cute. Camryn and Brooklyn had some birthday money and that's what they wanted to spend it on...and I hooked up Kendyl :) They were SO pumped. Kendyl went first....didn't even flinch. She was so cute.

Brooklyn went next....calm as a cucumber.

Camryn was last....she flinched, but didn't cry.

Kendyl stood in front of her sisters during their turns and said, "don't move, just look at me." She's quite the character. Anyway, Kendyl has Hello Kitty earings, Camryn has CZ's and Brooklyn has multi-colored daisies. They remind me 3 times a day, "Clean our ears!". Love it.

Hair Cut!

Camryn decided that she wants to look more like twins with Brooklyn, so she wanted a haircut. I wanted to keep her hair long so I can tell them apart from a distance, but I cut off almost 5 inches. I swear it looks even in real life, her hair was dry on the sides :) Kendyl got a haircut too, but it wasn't quite as drastic and I didn't take a picture. I love cutting hair and I'm pretty sure a cosmetic license would probably make me more money than my bachelors degree which just sits in a frame and collects dust! I'll just make Ashley give me private lessons...and also fix all the botched cutting jobs I do.

What did you do in Heaven?

When asked, "What did you do in Heaven?", Kendyl will tell you, "I blew bubbles".

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Swimming Lessons

Kendyl has one more week of Parent Tot swimming lessons. Nic and I take turns's really cute.

Camryn and Brooklyn passed Preschool level 2. They've gotten alot better and can finally swim around under the water like little fish :)

This little man came too.

Sunday, June 19, 2011


Happy Birthday Twin Town!

Holy Cow- are Camryn and Brooklyn really 5 years old already??!!! Yes, they are. The day before their party, Nic gave them their big present, BIKES! They were stoked and they've been riding them every day. Also, they had a friend party this year and it was wild and crazy fun! My parents let us borrow the blow up water slide and it was a hit. Our backyard has become quite the kid paradise with a swingset, trampoline, sandbox, slide/fort. The kids had a blast back there and it was fun for Nic and I to hang out and chat with the other parents.

Camryn and Brooklyn are little sweethearts. Sure, they have their bratty moments (this week in particular), but they're pretty amazing for the most part. I never have to worry about them being naughty when they're at someone's house, or at church, school, etc. They're quite helpful when I need them to be. They LOVE their little sister and brother and always make sure they're taken care of. They have really great senses of humor and can usually make us laugh. They're great singers....(we're relying on making our millions on their promising singing careers :)) They want their ears pierced....we'll do it soon. They love to ride their new bikes that Daddy gave them for their birthday. They're starting to become a little less shy, especially Brooklyn. They're my little buddies.


Camryn and Brooklyn graduated preschool on May 26th. They had a cute little program where they sang some of their favorite songs: Do Re Mi, ABC's, Turtle named Tiny Tim .... They also showed off some of their amazing gymnastics moves. Kendyl had a smile from ear to ear during each of the songs. She just laughed and laughed.

These girls have LOVED preschool this year. They're sad it's over,but excited for Kindergarten next Fall. They'll be at Legacy Prep. Some of their favorite Preschool events were: their friends, show and yell, field trips, jumping on the trampoline, their Christmas PJ party, jumping in the Tumble Bugs, playing with the stuffed animals, crafts and learning new songs. Sad for this phase to end...but excited for what's to come!

Monday, June 13, 2011


We had a little family reunion at the Eden house a couple weeks ago with the Sellers. 14 kids under the age of 8. Yep, it was just as chaotic as it sounds. Here is a picture of Grandma and her babies on a walk. Not pictured- the 4 youngest babes; one from each family.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Nix meets the Greats!

Both sets of Nic's grandparents were able to come over and meet Nixon before they flew out to Ohio. Sean was graduating highschool (top of his class), and Matt graduated dental school at Ohio State (barely skated by)....(just kidding ;)) We're proud of Nic's brothers and can't wait for them to move to Utah in the next couple months. What are Nana and Papa going to do with all their children out West?! Guess they'll have to move too...

Thursday, June 9, 2011


They get crazier by the day.

Kendyl Wendyl

Camryn and Brooklyn INSISTED they make jewelry for their preschool teachers. So, we bought beads and string at the craft store. It's Kendyl's new favorite hobby. We're pretty impressed with how quickly she can whip out a bracelet. The girls have made a ton of these.

Kendyl plopped this blanket on her head, ran over to me and said "Look, I'm married!" (Don't mind the wound on her lip, she decided to shave. Bled for an hour.)

Grandma bought Kendyl this skirt. Kendyl calls it her dress. She likes to pull it up to her armpits and dance.

Monday, June 6, 2011


So here's the set up. Kendyl is in bed, she was sick all night and about to wake up. Camryn and Brooklyn are down stairs with Nixon. Nic is at the gym. I'm stepping out of the shower...and see it. The spider was walking on the wall above my bed. He's HUGE and scary. I don't dare let that thing leave my site. I call Nic, he tells me to hit it with a broom. I RUN downstairs (1 week postpartum), get the broom, and RUN back to my room. He's gone. NOOO!!! Is he on my pillow? The floor? I panic. I stand there and wait for him to show up....Kendyl wakes up. She smells like illness and I chuck her in the tub. I get Nixon from Camryn and make her sit by the tub with Kendyl. I'm back in my room....searching....then I see him crawling on my mirror. I gag. After what seems like an hour, he finally makes his way to the wall and I hit him with the broom twice. Apparantly this guy is made of steel and he leaps to the floor. I scream....and scare my children. I seriously think I'm starting to hyperventilate once I realize he's lost in my carpet. I call Nic and tell him he MUST come home IMMEDIATELY. (I've already tried calling my sister and my neighbor for help). He unhappily comes home. To summarize the rest, our room gets torn apart as we search for the spider. We can't find him. Nic buys a spider bomb and when he comes home with it, he finds the spider in the corner of the room ALIVE. He kills it with a hanger. Puke. He still set off 3 bombs in the house before we left that day. Yep, we're a bunch of paranoid babies.