Tuesday, August 28, 2012

1st Grade!!

It's hard to believe that my baby girls are in 1st grade. They have been SO excited for school to start....hopefully they'll always love school this much :) They were adorable on the first day. It was weird for Kendyl to not have her besties to play with, but she's getting used to it. Preschool starts next week, so that should help. Camryn and Brooklyn are in the same class with Mrs. Childs and Ms. Easton. Their favorite part so far has been eating lunch in the classroom, and chasing boys at recess. (Heaven help me). We stopped at Maverick after school and had ice cream cones.. which were actually rewards for finishing their Book of Mormon Readers! It's only taken us a year :) Here's to a fabulous year!

Britten's Run

I know I've mentioned Britten before. He's our MIRACLE cousin who is doing so awesome after being hit by a bus in Brazil and nearly dying. Seeing as medical bills, therapy bills and other bills are basically out of sight, Karla and Steven's families decided to organize a 5K in Logan. The race was WELL attended with about 1,000 people there. It seemed like a professional organization put it on! Nic and I had the kids, so we decided to run/walk the 1 mile. We had a blast. Once we crossed the finish line, we enjoyed a wonderful pancake breakfast, then I was off to sell raffle tickets! There were raffles, auctions, refreshments and more. Everyone there seemed to be having a blast and we're hoping that this event will bring in lots of money for this great family! (We have yet to hear the grand total!)
We went to the pool with tons of Schenks and Clarks afterwards :)

Animals at the Fair

I took the kids to the Davis County Fair. The sole purpose was for them to be able to pet some animals....but we didn't leave without watching dogs jump in the pool, eating snocones and getting free hearing tests!


Good thing Grandma has extra swimsuits on hand!!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

The PIANO!!!

We finally bought an old piano on KSL. It's a Baldwin Acrosonic for $300. The sound is beautiful, but the orangey wood is not our favorite look. We decided that if this thing was going to live in our living room, it needed a little makeover. Now many may think that what we did is a tragedy, but we LOVE our new piano.
It was a LOT of work pulling the whole piano apart, sanding it all down, taping off the keys, gears, pedals, etc., and then of course having Nic and Nick Martin spend an entire evening spraying the piano blue. But hey, I'm just glad I wasn't stuck painting it with a brush, it would have taken FOREVER!!! These guys were done in a little under 5 hours. Woo hoo!!

Friday, August 10, 2012


We went camping with Holly & Tammy's families this week by Pineview Reservoir! It was a lot of work for a one-nighter, but I think it was worth it :) We made tin-foil dinners and they were delicious!! We also played games by the fire and had smores. After the kids were asleep, we enjoyed our grown-up time together :)
Holly came husband-less, so Nic and Britten put up Holly's BROKEN tent. It ended up looking more like a Teepee! haha.
I think I'm the only one that wasn't cold all night. Lucky me I guess! We had muffins for breakfast...and Nixon found a sucker for his breakfast.
The kids made their own little fort in some trees and played with their dolls while we took down camp. Then they decided to have a dance party in the boat while they waited to go the lake!
We had fun tubing on the lake for a few hours. Nic had to go back to the lake later that evening to take the young men/women in our ward boating. And did I mention it was our anniversary that day!!! Happy anniversary Nic! 9 years has flown by and I honestly get on my knees each day to thank my Heavenly Father for blessing me with the most perfect man for me. We feel very lucky to be such a good match. And last but not least....my 2 babes had fun camping, but their bodies didn't like the cold night
. I tell ya.

Movie Night

We have movie nights....so we can eat lots of popcorn.

Boating Blues

We went boating with Ashley, Ryan, Hudson, Kate, Matt, Averi, Elle and the Stucki's last week. We had a BBQ on the beach and everything! I, however, left the lake a bit tormented. First of all, Nixon decided he would chase his ball into the lake at the exact moment I was fetching something from my beach bag. When I turned around a second later to see my baby laying face down in the water, I almost had a heart attack. I screamed and Nic pulled him out. After a couple beats of the back, he was ok. The rest of us were probably more rattled than he was. I'm now officially paranoid. The second issue was when I fell off the surf board and dropped the rope between my legs. The rope went wizzing through, but the handle BUSTED through, leaving me with some major wounds in areas I shouldn't talk about, and a killer bruise on my thigh. I've been sore, to say the least, this week.

Flips Olympics

My girls take gymnastics at such a cute gym. They have a theme almost every week. Beach week, Utah week, etc. Olympic week has lasted for 2 weeks and it's been cute. At the end of class on Monday, there was an award ceremony where all the kids got a medal on the podium while the National Anthem was played over the speakers. They were pumped. Now if they could just learn how to do a cartwheel!!
Nixon likes to play at the gym during their classes. He's super patriotic. (youtube video "Nixon runs with flags")


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I just feel like talking about this little man, so here goes.  Nixon is my little cuddle bug.  He still loves to grab something soft, snuggle up to it and say, "Nigh Night".  It's adorable. He fell in love with this giant bear at Costco.  He cried when I put it away :(  (Please don't buy it for him Grandmas!! ;) )

He's starting to say so many words and his little raspy voice just melts my heart.  A few that I can think of are: ball, boppy, boppy oppy oppy, cookie, cheese, num num, mommy, dadda, yay, no, oh no, tee too (thank you).  His boppy is his cup, or any drink actually.  You've never seen a kid more obsessed with drinks.  If he sees one, it begins, "boppy, boppy oppy oppy, bop bop boppy, boppy, bop"  and so on and so forth until he receives his drink.

 He LOVES the water....to a fault.  He doesn't mind getting splashed, dunked, soaked, whatever.

 He loves to run and jump on the tramp.  He's always trying to keep up with his sisters and play with them.  Luckily, they adore him and always want to play with him too. 

He's a mini.  His 12 month clothes hang off his bones and his shorts usually end up around his ankles.  I'll be smarter when purchasing winter clothing....9-12 months. 

He's a stinker who loves to pull all the toilet paper off the roll, wad it up and leave it in somebody's bedroom.  He just starting squeeling/screaming a couple weeks ago (can we thank you for that Hudson? ;) ).  He throws most of his food on the floor during meal time. 

Love this little man!  He'll have permanent lip prints on his head when he grows up from the thousands of kisses he receives each day :)