Friday, August 10, 2012


We went camping with Holly & Tammy's families this week by Pineview Reservoir! It was a lot of work for a one-nighter, but I think it was worth it :) We made tin-foil dinners and they were delicious!! We also played games by the fire and had smores. After the kids were asleep, we enjoyed our grown-up time together :)
Holly came husband-less, so Nic and Britten put up Holly's BROKEN tent. It ended up looking more like a Teepee! haha.
I think I'm the only one that wasn't cold all night. Lucky me I guess! We had muffins for breakfast...and Nixon found a sucker for his breakfast.
The kids made their own little fort in some trees and played with their dolls while we took down camp. Then they decided to have a dance party in the boat while they waited to go the lake!
We had fun tubing on the lake for a few hours. Nic had to go back to the lake later that evening to take the young men/women in our ward boating. And did I mention it was our anniversary that day!!! Happy anniversary Nic! 9 years has flown by and I honestly get on my knees each day to thank my Heavenly Father for blessing me with the most perfect man for me. We feel very lucky to be such a good match. And last but not 2 babes had fun camping, but their bodies didn't like the cold night
. I tell ya.


Linz said...

It does my heart good knowing that your girls will play dolls in the woods. I love my memories of doing that with you while camping!

Steff said...

Seriously! That was the best in the best of times. They're not nearly as good at "playing dolls" as we were :). Give them a couple years!