Friday, August 10, 2012


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I just feel like talking about this little man, so here goes.  Nixon is my little cuddle bug.  He still loves to grab something soft, snuggle up to it and say, "Nigh Night".  It's adorable. He fell in love with this giant bear at Costco.  He cried when I put it away :(  (Please don't buy it for him Grandmas!! ;) )

He's starting to say so many words and his little raspy voice just melts my heart.  A few that I can think of are: ball, boppy, boppy oppy oppy, cookie, cheese, num num, mommy, dadda, yay, no, oh no, tee too (thank you).  His boppy is his cup, or any drink actually.  You've never seen a kid more obsessed with drinks.  If he sees one, it begins, "boppy, boppy oppy oppy, bop bop boppy, boppy, bop"  and so on and so forth until he receives his drink.

 He LOVES the a fault.  He doesn't mind getting splashed, dunked, soaked, whatever.

 He loves to run and jump on the tramp.  He's always trying to keep up with his sisters and play with them.  Luckily, they adore him and always want to play with him too. 

He's a mini.  His 12 month clothes hang off his bones and his shorts usually end up around his ankles.  I'll be smarter when purchasing winter clothing....9-12 months. 

He's a stinker who loves to pull all the toilet paper off the roll, wad it up and leave it in somebody's bedroom.  He just starting squeeling/screaming a couple weeks ago (can we thank you for that Hudson? ;) ).  He throws most of his food on the floor during meal time. 

Love this little man!  He'll have permanent lip prints on his head when he grows up from the thousands of kisses he receives each day :)

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