Thursday, December 31, 2015

Happy New Year!

Tammy's Family and Our Family spent New Years Eve at Mom & Dad's.  They were out of town.  I'm pretty sure we celebrated the East Coast's New Years ;)

Friday, December 25, 2015


Our Christmas traditions include- *Doing a service project.  This year we put a box of presents together and took it to the Murphy's so they could mail it overseas.  *Seeing the Temple Square Lights.  *Going to the MOtab Christmas concert...if we're lucky enough to score tickets...and we usually are.  *Having parties with both sides of the family.  *Taking a treat to the home we deem "Best decorated".  *Party with friends.  *Chinese food on Christmas Eve.

I think we need more though!!  Maybe next year we can add some cool stuff to the list.  We did a White Elephant at the Clark party and it was a fight for the cool "Ohio" burned piece of wood Nic made.  Lots of fun.  Kate's home was beautifully decorated and I'm so grateful we always have nice places to get together with family.  The kids drew names this year and got gifts for eachother.  Obviously, those moments of them giving/receiving were my favorite.  Picture overload.  Our kids got a kayak for Christmas that they'll hopefully get lots of use out of next summer!  Nic built the COOLEST balance bike for Calvin.  The twins got a cell phone (not usable as a phone yet, but more to make cool movies, etc.), Nixon got toys.  Kendyl got art stuff.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Playing in the snow!

We had Nic's family over to play in the snow!  We had such a blast.  We went sledding.  And by sledding, I mean pulling the tube around and around with a rope and letting them go.  It was awesome.  We also pulled them around with the snowmobile and they had so much fun.  We had hot chocolate, dinner and ended the day in the hot tub of course!  I'd love to make this a tradition with BOTH of our families.

Monday, December 21, 2015

Happy Birthday Calvy Boy!

 This kid was PERFECT to end with.  He's ALWAYS happy and laughing.  Never met a 2 year old that's actually funny.  But Calvin is.  Just a total ham.  He and Nixon love to play together so we're super grateful that he can keep up and understand things so well.  He talks well, eats well, gives the best hugs, and has the whole fam wrapped around his finger.  We celebrated his birthday once at Grandma and Grandpa's and got to go swimming.  We also celebrated it at Ashley's with the Clarks.  This little guy is very loved and we're so grateful that he loves us too and lets us know.
Stats: Weight- 26 lbs 25%
          Length- 35 1/2 75-90%
           Head- 19 1/2 75%

Friday, December 18, 2015

The Best Little Christmas Tree

Nixon was so proud of this little Christmas Tree that he painted in preschool.  His teacher, Mrs. Mimi, took me aside and almost teary eyed, told me how excited he was for me to see this magnificent tree he's painted.  She said all the kids were excited about his tree too.  Haha!  I will admit, he takes his time on these things and wants them to be perfect.  Even when all the kids are decorating a cookie with piles of frosting and candy all over the place, Nixon ever so carefully frosts his cookies and places the candy in the perfect placement to form a face or whatever he's supposed to be making.  I just love this kid to death.  I could have cried when they got to hold up their trees in their, "Oh Christmas Tree" song.  I could tell he was proud....trying to hold back his smiles.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

December this and that

MoTab Christmas Concert with Grandma!
Doesn't he look like a Christmas Elf!  
Nativity and Christmas caroling at Avalon Care Center

Cam making cookies with the littles.

Love watching these 3 play.  This little get-up is my latest DI find.  SWEET!

Yep.  I put this in my book.

Checking out the Temple Square Lights and the Salt Lake Christmas d├ęcor.

She really does read a book every night.  I guess sleep got the best of her this time :)

Some great little helpers indeed!

No, chickens are NOT fun in the winter.  #frozenwater

Welcome to the Christmas Party, Cousin Eddy!  We had a Christmas Party with some of our friends and Nic definitely took home the grand prize for costume :)

Christmas Party at the Sellers.  These little cuties performed the Nativity.  Some were more cooperative than others #cal&decker