Friday, December 18, 2015

The Best Little Christmas Tree

Nixon was so proud of this little Christmas Tree that he painted in preschool.  His teacher, Mrs. Mimi, took me aside and almost teary eyed, told me how excited he was for me to see this magnificent tree he's painted.  She said all the kids were excited about his tree too.  Haha!  I will admit, he takes his time on these things and wants them to be perfect.  Even when all the kids are decorating a cookie with piles of frosting and candy all over the place, Nixon ever so carefully frosts his cookies and places the candy in the perfect placement to form a face or whatever he's supposed to be making.  I just love this kid to death.  I could have cried when they got to hold up their trees in their, "Oh Christmas Tree" song.  I could tell he was proud....trying to hold back his smiles.

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