Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Thanksgiving and our CRUISE and Kendyl's BIRTHDAY!!!!

One of the best vacations Ever!  We started with Thanksgiving at Mom & Dad's with the whole fam.  We needed to go home fairly early so we could pack!  The next day, we told the kids to load in the car for a long drive.  Well they were shocked when we drove to the airport and told them we were flying!  It was so much fun :)  Kendyl flew with my parents because that's just how it worked out with frequent flyer seats.  We enjoyed the weekend in San Diego.  We ate out, toured the "Arizona" battleship, went to the beach, played at the park, and watched the cousins lose their minds with excitement.
We had 2 rooms on the ship.  The kids in one and Nic and I in the other with Calvin.  The kids (cousins) spent most of the time on the ship swimming, hottubbing, eating icecream cones.  Playing tag or hide and go seek, eating, going to shows and playing games with the family. 

 We stopped in Cabo San Lucas and took a small boat to Lover's Rock.  We could tell it was sketchy when the little boat pulled in and had to heave passengers off when the waves weren't crashing.  We got off, stood on the beach, and 10 seconds later, a GIANT wave came crashing in and like a toilet bowl, swooshed everyone away.  It was so scary.  Luckily we were holding on to most of the kids, but a couple of them almost got swept to sea.  We were a lot more careful after that and ended up having a fun, yet cautious day. 

 Mazatlán was so nice.  Flat beach, calm water, and you could walk out forever and still touch the ground.  We stayed in the water most of the day.  It was perfect.

 We went to the most amazing Cirque Du Soleil Show on the ship!  It was a married couple whose bodies bent in ways I didn't think possible.  We all loved it and had so much fun.

Our last stop was Puerto Vallarta.  We found a nice beach to play in.  There were again, some big waves.  I got sucked under with Nixon at one point and the force was so strong, I let go of him.  Luckily he had his wings on and popped right to the top.  Scare a mom to death.  Another time, Isaac got sucked under and I was the only that saw him struggling.  I pulled him out and he was sort of a mess.  I think our relationship got a little better after that ;)  This was also the beach where we had our junior Olympics.  So fun.

 We learned Thriller.

 We ate lots of fries.

(London Bridges tune) "Washy Washy good for you, good for me, good for us.  Washy washy every day, Making you, ha-appy!"
 Kendyl turned 7 while we were on the ship!  She was so excited to have them sing to her and bring her dessert.  Suzanne, our room keeper, even made Kendyl a towel cake and decorated the room for her.  So fantastic and special for our cute Kendyl Wendyl.  She sure love this spunky, confident, free spirited little smarty pants.

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