Friday, December 25, 2015


Our Christmas traditions include- *Doing a service project.  This year we put a box of presents together and took it to the Murphy's so they could mail it overseas.  *Seeing the Temple Square Lights.  *Going to the MOtab Christmas concert...if we're lucky enough to score tickets...and we usually are.  *Having parties with both sides of the family.  *Taking a treat to the home we deem "Best decorated".  *Party with friends.  *Chinese food on Christmas Eve.

I think we need more though!!  Maybe next year we can add some cool stuff to the list.  We did a White Elephant at the Clark party and it was a fight for the cool "Ohio" burned piece of wood Nic made.  Lots of fun.  Kate's home was beautifully decorated and I'm so grateful we always have nice places to get together with family.  The kids drew names this year and got gifts for eachother.  Obviously, those moments of them giving/receiving were my favorite.  Picture overload.  Our kids got a kayak for Christmas that they'll hopefully get lots of use out of next summer!  Nic built the COOLEST balance bike for Calvin.  The twins got a cell phone (not usable as a phone yet, but more to make cool movies, etc.), Nixon got toys.  Kendyl got art stuff.

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