Monday, January 30, 2012

Camryn & Brooklyn's Gratitude List

The twins made this list about a year and a half ago. I just found it in an old notebook. I thought it was cute. It needed to be documented.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Big & Chunky

Camryn & Kendyl have access to my Zumba's on my phone. They've seen my routine and they LOVE to perform it. Haha, maybe I should practice somewhere else :)
(youtube video "Kendyl & Camryn do Big & Chunky zumba)

Sweet Kendyl

Kendyl definitely went through a stinker phase, but she's been so sweet lately. Nic went snowmobiling last week and Kendyl said to me, "Mommy, I miss Daddy". Then I worked at my dad's office a couple days ago as the receptionist. When I got home, she gave me a giant hug and said, "Mommy I missed you today!". Those things melt my heart.

Babes Playing

Playing in the playroom. They're so cute :)

Camryn's Note

Nic asked her to put some toys away.

Nixon's Hideout

Nixon loves crawling to the table and just sitting under it. Perhaps it's because there are usually crumbs under there. He also makes sure he spits up along the way and plays in it for a minute. Crazy boy. It reminds me of Kendyl at that same age; she always hung out under the plant.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Nixon is 8 months old I love and adore this little boy. Here are a few random things about this kiddo: He says mama all the time now. It's usually when I set him down somewhere and he crawls to me at rocket speed saying, "mama mama" the whole way.
His 3 words are Dada, Nana and Mama. Cute.
He's finally sleeping through the night. Yep, we Ferberized him this week and just let him cry it out. It's a sad method for a few nights...but it works. We let the girls partysleep in the basement this week so Nix wouldn't bother them.
(Ya, they party hard)
He has perfect push-up form.

He gets carried around the house by Brooklyn and Camryn all day and he just rolls with it.
He still loves to grab faces and if he can get ahold of your hair, he'll pull you right in and eat your face. Seriously. *side note* I just asked Nic, "what could I write about Nixon for his 8 month post", his reply, "he really likes to eat faces." And yes, I'd already written it.
We went swimming at my parents' house tonight and Nixon was in HEAVEN. So glad he loves the water.

Nix LOVES bread. When I'm tearing off little pieces for him to eat, he's done and waiting for the next piece before I can lob another one on to his tray! (I see Atkins in his future ;) )
His smile melts me heart. Everything about him melts my heart. I never knew I could love a little boy so much.

Beauty and the Beast

Tammy and I took our big girls to Bountiful High School's play, "Beauty and the Beast". The girls liked it alot. They got a little restless, but that's what my bag full of candy was for :)
We toured the highschool during intermission. I hadn't been there since I was a student and it hasn't changed at all. It almost seems like I just dreamed the whole thing. Anyway, Tammy dared me to do one of these...I can't resist a dare. Pardon the horrible form, but at least I got my leg up!

To all my fellow BHS alum, remember Mr. Smith! He was my choir teacher for 6 years and I'm pretty sure I drove him crazy with all my chatting. I apologized to him for being so naughty in his class. He assured me it was water under the bridge :)

The girls were TERRIFIED to have their picture taken with Belle and the Beast. Camryn wouldn't come out from behind me legs. Weirdos.

They were however, THRILLED to have their pictures taken with this gal that played "the rug". She was quite funny.

Nana & Papa

Friday, January 13, 2012


Week 1 of classes was AMAZING and I can't wait for next week! Daycare is free so bring the kids with you.
2044 W. 2425 S. Woods Cross (Just off Redwood Rd. West of the Indoor Soccer facility)
M-W-F 9-10am

Jenny's twins!

One of my best friends, Jenny, had twin girls a few months ago. I've been DYING to see them, but it just hasn't worked out. Today she drove to Utah and stopped by. I was so excited to meet these little cuties, Emmy & Lucy. Here's the photo shoot.

Sick Kendyl

Kendyl was sick yesterday. She woke up at 5am feeling yucky and stayed up (Camryn joined her). I took K & N to the grocery store with me to get a few things and before long, I noticed that Kendyl was awfully quiet. This is why.

I was sad and shocked all at once. I took off my coat and made her a little bed. I wish I would have taken her picture at the end when she was covered in bananas, meat, potatoes and rice-a-roni.

Nixon loves his bath

Handstand Snowman!

It FINALLY snowed! We didn't waste a minute; we got right out there to build a snowman and pull kids on the sled. I wanted our snowman to do a handstand...and it was awesome :) Nic made the girls a fort under a bush and they loved it.

Nixon's wife

So, Nixon LOVES eating bananas from those gross little mesh bags with the rubber handle. Have you seen those? Anyway, my girls call that little gismo, Nixon's "wife". They crack themselves up every time they say it. "Nixon loves his wife!". "Nixon dropped his wife on the floor!". "Nixon's wife is disgusting!". Funny kids.


These girls have been BEGGING to take ballet for a while now. They took a couple years ago, then we took a break last year since they were taking gymnastics at their preschool. Kendyl was brand new to the ballet scene and she was as cute as could be. She loved it of course.

Camryn and Brooklyn loved it too. Dani is in their class which makes it even better.

Thanks Dakota!

Dakota is one of my young women, she also babysits my kids every now and then. She brought the kids over some presents for Christmas. Yep, it's makeup :) They were PUMPED. Kendyl looks a bit suspect.

Camryn and Nixon

Nixon woke up from his nap crying. It only lasted for a minute, which was weird. I went in his room and found this. Was I surprised? Not in the least.


Kendyl was fairly concerned that she didn't get to go to nursery, but I spied on her primary class and she was happy as a lark. I have 3 kids in primary....weird.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

St. George Holiday

We drove to St. George the day after Christmas. We forbade the girls to have drinks on the way down this we only had to stop once! Going for the mom of the year award. Anyway, we took Tanner and Sean with us and I think they had a good time.

We went hiking at Snow Canyon, shopped a bit, watched movies, went swimming, played at the park, and the boys hit Vegas one day. It was lots of fun and we were definitely kind of sad to go home and deal with real life again! Luckily, Nic's family was still in town so we were partying for another week :)

Mom and I went to the Temple one day with the girls. We went through the Visitor's Center, which was quite impressive, and the girls got a pass along card at the end. They were PUMPED! Kendyl wouldn't put hers down all day. Here she is holding it at McDonalds.

Mom and Dad went on a date with another couple one night and I wanted to get her ready. We bought her some new clothes at Kohls, then I did her hair. She looked HOT!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Disclaimer *I can't make a decision to save my life, hence, the over abundance of pictures. How can I choose which ones to post when I have hundreds of awesome pictures from EVERYONES cameras?!* This is why I dread my Christmas post ;) This year we were able to go to Eden with Nic's family. It started off with a BANG when all the Clarks came for the annual Clark Christmas party. There was great food, great laughs, white elephant and of course, the pinata! I'm still mad at myself for not forcing Kendyl to steal the GIANT bag of sour patch watermelons, but we ended up with an interesting loot :) It was especially fun to watch Kendyl open her little mittens from Grandma and Grandpa Clark, and keep them on for the next 24 hours. She wore them to bed every night until I finally put them away.... I'm mean. The highlight of the party was when the kids spotted Santa outside, leaving bags of coal for Wade and Lyle. Brooklyn was a bit concerned that Santa was leaving coal, but we explained that Santa can be a bit of a prankster ;)

We woke up the next morning and had a ZUMBA class in the basement with all the ladies. It was so fun to teach some of my FAVORITE ladies! Notice Camryn in the picture. She does Zumba with me EVERY DAY. She has every song memorized and loves to teach with me. She even taught her cousins one day.

Did I forget to mention that we ate at our favorite BBQ restaurant in Huntsville the night we got there? It was fun to have the whole family together.

On Christmas Eve, we took the snowmobiles into the mountains (we had to drive a ways to find stow) and went sledding. We had lots of fun and the kids were pumped.

That evening, Grandma & Grandpa Schenk came over for lobster/steak dinner. Afterwards, the kids acted out the Luke 2 story, opened their new robes and slippers, and sprinkled reindeer food out on the lawn.

The twins aren't the best at displaying their true excitement when opening presents...which is a bit of a bummer. Kendyl was great though. Averi is by far the best present opener and we were sad not to have her there. It was fun opening presents on Christmas morning. The twins have been waiting and waiting to give us their school artwork that they had wrapped so perfectly. It was adorable, and we were PUMPED to finally open it. Our big present from Lyle and Melanie is a FAMILY CRUISE to the Caribbean in April. We're already counting down the days.

I painted my old American Doll wardrobe and gave it to the girls. They've had fun filling it with all their Bitty Twin clothes.

Notice the lamp in this picture (I realize it's bright and hard to see). Camryn asked for a lamp for Christmas to put by her bed. She chose to eat dinner at her own table with her lamp on Christmas night. Now she uses it every night so she can read in bed.

Other highlights were: going to Sherlock Holmes. Watching the 3 cute babies steal eachothers' toys. Eating more treats than any human should consume in a month. Playing "Just Dance 3". Staying up late and talking.