Thursday, December 25, 2008

POX for Christmas

Merry (belated) Christmas Everyone & Happy New Year! Little Brooklyn decided to get chicken pox this year, so we spent Christmas at our house with our 3 little ladies. We were supposed to go to Eden (Pineview area) with my fam to their new place they have up there, but we figured it would be best not to infect my nieces/nephew. We had a lot of fun opening presents with Camryn & Brooklyn Christmas morning. Naturally, they were pumped out of their minds and were entertained by their new toys all day. We actually did get to spend some time with Nic's family on Christmas eve before they headed up to Idaho, so that was fun. Broke a pinata and everything! We were able to go to the Eden house a few days later once the other kiddos were gone and had fun sledding with Grandpa and just laying around. The next day was spent in Idaho with the Clarks. We had a Christmas party and Nic got to snowmobile with the guys. Life's tough for Nic- he went snowmobiling twice this week and skiing once. He deserves it. Anyway- our holiday has been pretty good and we're sick to our stomach's that Nic has to go back to work on Monday after nearly a month off!
PS- If you're wondering how B got the pox, we don't really know. She was vaccinated and hasn't been to nursery for the last few weeks (I'm not ready for them to bring foreign diseases home to Kendyl)...However, she DID come to Kendyl's first Dr. appointment with us. I'm sure someone took their pox riden child to the Dr. and just passed it on to everyone else (airborn disease).

This last picture is our new big family on Kendyl's blessing day. It was pretty early for a blessing, but all the relatives were in town. Nic did a great job and Kendyl looked like a doll. I love my baby!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Bye Bye Mullet

Aunt Ashley came up on Monday and gave Brooklyn her first haircut! Her hair was in no condition to continue growing in the shape it was in- so a little evening out was in order. She looks so cute...and very mature I must add! Check out her sweet rockstar 'before' hair.




Thursday, December 18, 2008

Nic's Paradise

I didn't know if Nic was going to last one more day without snow. Well, it's finally here and Nic can finally indulge in one of his top loves(maybe third on his list), SNOWMOBILING! Now I get to spend my Saturdays worrying about him getting sucked up in an avalanche. I know, I need to relax.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Baby Rap

Camryn started rapping 'Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star' tonight. We have no idea where she learned the concept. Once Nic and I started laughing and cheering for them, they decided to rap every song they knew. So funny.

Here's a picture of Kendyl...dreaming. She was obviously dreaming about her awesome mommy :)

Kendyl again. Always sleeping.

Camryn LOVES LOVES LOVES Kendyl. Brooklyn does too, but Camryn would spend her whole day holding Kendyl, talking to her, kissing her, singing to her or reading to her if I'd let her. She obviously needs MAJOR monitoring seeing as she's a 2 year old that doesn't fully understand limits with a newborn. Here she is reading to Kendyl. What a good mommy she is.

Brooklyn's Pad.

We took them to the mall to see Santa tonight. You better believe they weren't about to sit on that guy's lap. However, they enjoyed him from a distance. Once Santa waved up to them, they decided it would be worth it to go down and ask him for a candy cane. Mommy & Daddy held them while they told Santa they wanted candy canes for Christmas. That made them happy.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Kendyl Clark

12/5/08 12:07pm 6lbs. 6oz. 20 1/2"

Kendyl is finally here! Everything went really well. They hooked me up to the pitocin and broke my water at 8am, waited till my contractions REALLY started to hurt, then gave me my epidural (shouldn't the epidural have come first??). Anyway, after I was good and numb, I started feeling the lower pressure and it was time to push that baby out! 3 contractions later, she was born! I'm so lucky to have easy deliveries because heaven knows my pregnancies are quite the opposite! We think she looks like a mixture of Camryn & Brooklyn when they were born. She's such a cutie and is doing awesome!