Monday, March 31, 2014


There wasn't really anything BIG that happened in March, but the weather was amazing so we enjoyed some nice walks and the park.  5 kids is starting to make sense for me and I'm enjoying life with my large family.  Nic's new job started on March 20th and as exciting as that definitely changes the dynamic we've gotten used to.  He was able to do most of his work from home before, but he'll be gone a lot more now. Let's just say, I sit when I feed Calvin and the rest of the day is a complete whirlwind!  Haha- I'm ok with it.  For the most part, I enjoy being busy.  Just wish I had a couple clones to do the cleaning and cooking so I could just my kids without the stress of keeping up a home.  I'm too OCD to let things be messy unfortunately.  Here are some pictures of the simple things that happened this month.  Next month will probably be more eventful, so I'm grateful for a simple month every now and then :)

*"Annie" put on by the 3rd graders at Legacy.  My girls can't wait to be in next years' play.

*Kendyl learned how to ride her bike sans training wheels.  Now she just picks up her bike and leaves and we don't know where she is!
*Kendyl wanted this Rapunzel hair from the Disney store.  It was cute.
*Morning with Mom at Legacy
*The girls ALL climbed to the top of the wall!  Everyone there was impressed.  They may have been bribed with treats...

*Kendyl's firestation field trip
*Nixon got a good laugh when we blow dried his hair straight up!
*Nixon and Daddy- twinners- the only way Nixon likes to dress.

*The girls made Daddy pretty :)
*The kids had a puppet singing concert.
*Dr. Nixon and patient Calvin

*Baby Cal started sleeping through the night and has graduated to his crib in Nixon's room!  Oh how we love this little dude :)

Friday, March 28, 2014


Nic was recently offered a job he couldn't turn down.  He'd recently been let go by Alexander (Wade's company) and had something else big in the works at TLC Medical.  Well unfortunately, his big trial for TLC didn't work out and it left Nic pretty stressed about what to do next.  This job with Zimmer Dental came at the right time.  He's pretty excited about it and we're hoping it will provide some life changing opportunites.  He'll be visiting oral surgeons and supplying them with implant tools and other things they need.  He'll get to be present for a lot of the surgeries.  Hopefully he's got the stomach for that!  His territory is Salt Lake to St. George so who knows where we'll end up living in the next few years.  Woods Cross might just be a little too far out of the way.  We'll see how things go!  He works so hard for our family and keeps us so happy.  Good luck, Nic!!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Best Buds

Nixon Graham- he's the coolest :)  He LOVES his Dad and wants to be just like him.  He wants to wear his blue shirt every day because Dad has one too.  He wears his suspenders and white shirt and tie because Dad does.  He just can't get enough of his awesome Daddy.  Totally understandable!  They tell eachother that they're best friends- it's too cute.  I can't wait for Calvin to be a part of their little gang.  I'm so so grateful to have these boys in my home.  Just something special about them.

Love Notes

This little lovee writes the most heartfelt letters and notes.  She puts a lot of thought into them and they're always very sincere.  She loves writing to Uncle Sean while he's on his mission.  She asks him how he's doing, tells him what she's doing, draws pictures.  She waits and waits for him to write her back and gets so excited when she receives a letter.  Maybe it's time to get her a pen pal!