Friday, July 30, 2010

Cousin Chaos

This week has been CRAZY busy...self inflicted, however. Swimming lessons and going to the pool each day, Flips, the Zoo, Sweets Factory, and all the other pointless erands I come up with. We joined up with Grandma, my sisters and their kids for the Zoo and Sweets Factory. These little girls are BEST friends and about as rowdy as a pack of puppies. They wear me out, but I love them!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Handcart Festivus!!

It was another busy weekend for us. Camryn and Brooklyn have been taking swimming lessons, and have actually gotten pretty good! They can finally go under water and swim around a little. Woo Hoo! Makes going to the pool a lot nicer. After Friday's lesson, we headed to the festivities at the Bountiful Park. Funny little rides and typical carnival food- it's always a hit. Then we were off to the parade. Somehow I managed to reserve a tiny little spot at 7am to fit the 16 of us. We were right by the announcer. Before the parade started, they were playing music and giving out prizes. As you can see, I did my best to win the prize for the luck. After the long, long, long parade, we ate some Pizza Factory food, then I headed up to the Brown's (Bryce's family) with the twins to watch fireworks. It's our yearly tradition.

Nic's friend, Teddy, stayed with us this weekend, so Nic took him and another buddy to the lake EARLY in the morning to get some good water. I spent the day at the cabin with my parents and the kiddos. Grandpa took the girls on a 4-wheeler ride and they rode behind in a little cart. They LOVED it. We met up with Nic and Teddy at Holly's in-laws later that night to enjoy another tradition, the Chamberlain patriotic BBQ. It's always a treat. The night ended at Tammy's house where they had their annual neighborhood fireworks show. My girls loved it and didn't get to bed until 11pm. Did they sleep in the next day? Of course not.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Patriotic Parade

Our ward had a patriotic breakfast and parade yesterday. The parade was actually a mob of kids riding their decorated bikes around the church parking lot. It was cute. My girls were totally pumped about it.


Did you know there were mermaids at Pineview? There was a really cute little one...and sort of a strange looking bigger one. But seriously, both were amazing.

One reason I love summer...

We added some new stuff to the garden this year. Tomatoes, strawberries, zucchini, pumpkin & corn have all been done before, but the potatoes, peas and raspberries are our rookies. They're doing AWESOME!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

4th of July Madness!

The day we got back from Powell was the day the Clarks arrived from Ohio!! We had alot of fun while they were here. One day was spent at the new Lindon Aquatic Center. It was the coolest city pool I've ever been to. The South Davis rec center times 4. It even has a FlowRider (surfing simulator). Lyle, Sean, Ashley, Nic and I all braved the beast and ended up with whiplash the next day. But Mr. Consistent (Nic), never gave up and actually managed to impress us by the end. "Impress" meaning he didn't go FLYING off his board in the first 2 seconds and end up with his swimsuit around his ankles...I had to completely redress every time. We finished up the day by eating sliders at Marleys. Yummy restaurant at the Harley Davidson building.

Nana & Papa took the twins with them to Idaho on Wednesday, giving Nic and I a two day break (ask me what kind of break I had with Kendyl however). They went to the pool at Lava Hot Springs, went 4-wheeling, camped, and enjoyed some serious talent from the Schenk family. While they were gone, I went to 'Eclipse' with my friends, Jenny and Nicole. We ate dinner first and after the movie, got a bit too hyper and stayed out way too late. It was lots of fun. SOOOO, we went to Idaho on Friday afternoon and enjoyed yummy food, good company and LOTS of cousins with the Schenks.

We were off to Soda Springs on Saturday where we met up with Sue and her family at the Lake for a little while. We had dinner at Grandma & Grandpa Clark's that night and Nic and I slept at Wade's. Sunday was pretty uneventful but we did manage to attend a little church, play in the backyard and enjoy some more fabulous food.

Monday was the day we actually celebrated the 4th of July. The day began at 7am when we woke up and drove to the STARTING line for the big 5K. Oh man, I do NOT look forward to these races. I pushed myself to the max and ended with a time of 24:33...ya, over a minute slower than last month, but 2 minutes faster than last year! I swear this race seemed about 10 times harder than the Woods Cross 5K. Maybe it's because I had an illness coming on (bronchitis- confirmed the next day at the Instacare). Everyone else did great and had a fun time. Anyway!! I was SOO glad to have the race done with so I could enjoy the rest of the day at the carnival (which included the infamous 'train', 3-on-3 basketball tourny, and great prizes), FABULOUS parade (Kendyl risked her life to get candy from the middle of the road- man she was cute), and lunch at Wade's house. And don't let me forget to mention Wade's new zip line he installed in his backyard. This is no average zipline either, it's about 1,000 feet long and goes over a small body of water... awesome. We had a blast riding that. Thanks Clarks and Schenks for showing us such a FABULOUS time last week!!