Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Go BEES!!!

Camryn, Brooklyn & Dani had their first soccer game this evening. Their team got killed, but it was pretty cute watching those little tykes get aggressive. Brooklyn has been pumped about this forever and she actually did pretty dang well for her first game. Camryn wasn't quite as in to it, but her skills at her game today were a major improvement from her grass picking skills at practice. Nic is the coach. His gray hair count will probably quadruple by the end of this season. I'll admit though, I'm pretty impressed with how well he's been doing with these little girls. I guess I'm an official soccer mom there anything else to live for?!

(youtube video "Camry & Brooklyn's first soccer game")

Friday, August 26, 2011

Can you do me a favor?

Nixon was crying. Kendyl walked over to me and asked, "Can you do me a favor? Can you give Nixon his binkie?" Haha, wonder where she's heard that?! This little girl is strangely unique. She's years ahead of herself in her thought process and speech, but she's still a cute, spunky, naughty little 2 year old. I could just sit and watch her all day. Here's a little video I took of her a few days ago. (youtube video "Kendyl wendyl")

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Camryn & Brooklyn have had alot of cute days in their lives. My favorite will always be their ballet recital when they were 3. But coming in a close second was their first day of school on Monday. They have been SOOOO excited. They've been asking me all summer, "does school start today?". We picked out their outfits the night before (not that they really had an option in clothing). They wore their cute new headbands. They packed their backpacks. It was ADORABLE. Their school is Legacy Preporatory Academy. They wear uniforms and I think they're pretty dang cute. All the little kindergarteners were so excited and my girls were no exception. They walked right into their classroom, found their seats (they don't sit by eachother) and told me "goodbye". I felt a bit of emotion, but no tears. Kendyl, Nixon and I didn't even know what to do with ourselves for those 3 hours. Luckily, Nana had sent a package for Kendyl. Here is a video of her opening it. It's hilarious!!
(youtube video "Kendyl's nana package")

We picked up the twins at 3pm. They were so pumped to see my car drive up. They told me all about their day. The gingerbread man came and brought them cookies. They made some new friends. They played on the playground at recess (and apparantly didn't play with eachother...but they saw eachother. haha), and did alot of coloring. They love their teacher Miss Merrill and they're PUMPED that they get to go every day! Yippee!

Monday, August 22, 2011

A Clark Boating Festivas!

First of all...I stole half of these pictures from Ashley's blog. She has an awesome camera and takes lots of pictures. I have my phone and don't take very many. So thanks Ash, this post will look just like yours :) We took Ash, Ryan, Matt, Kate and all 7 kids boating last weekend. It was so much fun! Sean just arrived in Utah today and Tanner will be here soon so I'm sure we'll have plenty more Clark boating extravaganzas before the sun hibernates.

In hopes to become Averi's favorite aunt, I let she and Kendyl drive the boat...

Matt, Kate, Averi and Elle FINALLY get to be our boating buddies. It was great to have so many Clarks on that boat!

2 of my loves.

Matt rode the tube "taco" style. He was quite a challenge to fling off the tube!

Go Averi! Her first time on the ski!

Ash, Me & Kate. We were scared to death but laughed our heads off. Each of us came within centimeters of losing our bottoms!


Babes with Babes!! ;)

They skied behind the boat!

If you look closely in the pictures above, you can see me in the water holding up the flag. I helped Kendyl and Brooklyn get on the ski when they started from the water behind the boat. Brooklyn was so worried that I was getting left behind. I could hear her yelling, "Mommy, Mommy!" The last picture is her looking back at me. She's a sweet heart.

Papa's Eden Trip

County Fair

Yep, we're the victims that wait in line for a half an hour for a free pony ride that lasts 60 seconds. Is it worth it??? I guess they had fun :) They also got to ride some rickety carnival rides and pet some smelly goats! Gotta love the fair!!