Wednesday, March 23, 2011

31 Weeks

Pictured above is a pathetic looking Doodlehop with 9 weeks left of pregnancy.

The Devil invented Moon Dough

and it continued to get worse...

Cute pictures

We went to Discovery the other day with my friend, Bun (Sara), and her 2 little girls. I had no intention of taking any pictures since I have a MILLION pointless Discovery pictures, but when your daughters beg you to take their picture- I guess you just give in. I only took a few- but I thought these were cute.

Kendyl's Puzzle

Last weekend while we were at the Eden house, Kendyl decided to put together a puzzle. She was concentrating VERY HARD and she managed to get this far all by herself! I was impressed. However, once Camryn and Brooklyn came over and distracted her- she lost her concentration and ditched the puzzle :)

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Gross!! Green Eggs!!

The leprechaun stepped it up this year. I told the girls that if they'd leave out gold coins for him, he'd leave them a treat! The leprechaun delivered. The girls opened the front door and found brownies with green frosting. Woo Hoo! Brownies for breakfast! We also had scrambled eggs and milk which were conveniently...I mean magically turned green. They were slightly hesitant to dig into those eggs. Good thing food coloring is tasteless :)

Afterthought: After talking to my friend, Jenny, it's been decided that from now on, St Patrick's day is going to be a holiday where the kids get messed with. Maybe next year we'll get a Leprechaun that messes up their rooms, puts salt in their cereal, hides their shoes, uses all the toilet paper....etc. They could use some more of that in their lives :)

Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Nana List

Brooklyn and Camryn have figured out that whatever they put on their list will get done. Here is Brooklyn's list for Nana. Yes, it all happened. Thanks to Nana for spending her week spoiling these little girls and making sure they had the time of their lives.

We watched Tangled for movie night...thanks to Ashley's computer-genius husband,Ryan, for somehow downloading it for us. We swam at the Rec Center (I'm sure the pregnant lady getting launched off the giant yellow slide was serious entertainment for spectators). We ate at McDonalds. And everything else...sorry, no pictures of those events.

Kangaroo Zoo was a hit! Brooklyn and Camryn were the sweetest sisters (they usually are) and made sure Kendyl made it up the ladders safely and had a lap to ride down the slides on. They also got the chance to enter the BLAST ZONE where they were finally able to shoot nerf balls at Mom and Nana....I see how it is.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Babies are a Hoot!

Nana and Ashley were in town last week! While they were here, the Schenk ladies had a girls weekend. They try to do this once or twice a year. There are always some SERIOUS crafts being done (always cute ones), and some SERIOUS meals being made (always delicious). Part of the girls weekend, which was held at Karla's house in Logan, was a TRIPLE baby shower! The theme was "Babies are a Hoot" and there were owls on everything! Nana outdid herself on this one. It was ADORABLE! Ashley is due April 12th with a boy, Lora (cousin) is due May 30th with a girl and I'm due May 25th with a boy. It was a lot of fun and I finally feel like this baby is going to have something other than pink in his wardrobe!

Laurie's unreal edible flower arrangement!

Nana brought most of the decorations with her from Ohio! Yep- even the rocks! Haha!

My girls were in love with this one!


Grandma Schenk made us each a silky blanket for our babes. WooHoo!

The Clarks made the drive down to Logan for the shower! Mom and my 3 little ladies also drove up to the shower with me. My mom is FABULOUS! And my girlies would NOT have wanted to miss all this action!

The preggos

The Gals


With a little help from big sister, Brooklyn, Kendyl got all glammed up for a photo shoot. She came trotting down the stairs in this number and asked me to take her picture. Kendyl LOVES to have her picture taken and always wants to see it immediately...sometimes before the picture even snaps. "Uh See!" (I wanna see). So here she is in all her glory. I don't know how she was able to come up with so many fabulous poses!

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Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Dani and Ella came over a couple weekends ago for a sleepover! The girls all had lots of fun making their own pizzas, eating ice cream, and watching movies with treats. It was odd however how Ella came down with strep, Brooklyn got an ear infection, and Dani had a tummy ache all at bed time. It was chaotic and they probably didn't fall asleep until close to midnight. I actually had to sit there and make sure they weren't getting up or talking...little bums. I think we'll wait a few years before we attempt sleepovers again! Haha. Glad they had fun....but I can't remember the last time I felt so exhausted!

Friday, March 4, 2011


Nic has a hard time sleeping. Sometimes he'll take an Ambien to help get him to sleep. Last night was one of those nights. Before I go any further, you should know that Ambien can make you act like a crazy, intoxicated fool if you don't go to sleep quickly. Nic experiences these effects quite often (I'm sure many of you have had the blessed opportunity of seeing one of his performances).

Anyway, last night Nic had finally plopped himself into bed (after acting like a kook for a half hour) and I was about to get in the shower. I was standing there, looking at my sad body, and mentioned to Nic how ridiculous I look. He looked over and said to me. "You look like a Doodle-Hop". A WHAT?!! I got in the shower and laughed my head off. When I got out, he was still partially awake and I asked him to explain what a Doodle-Hop is. His response: "You know those Dr. Seuss guys with the stars on their bellies?" That made it all the funnier. So today, I'm proud to say I look like a SNEETCH.