Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Beautiful Things

This is my beautiful sister, Tammy, and her beautiful baby girl, Danika. Today was Bryce's funeral. Tammy's husband. Dani's Daddy. The service was amazing. It was wonderful to be reminded of all the happiness and beauty Bryce brought to this world, and all the happiness and beauty he's bringing now to others who have passed. We love Bryce. We love Tammy and Danika. Tammy is an amazing sister and I look up to her so much for her great strength and courage. Hang in there Tammy. We're always here for you! (Thanks to Nathan Sellers, my cousin, for the great picture...you're awesome Nathan!) And one more side note- Bryce told Tammy last month that she had to wear her red hat to his funeral. It's so Tammy.
And speaking of beautiful things...Nic raked up a a little pile of our MANY leaves this afternoon so Camryn and Brooklyn could play and they went NUTS! They've got so much energy. Sometimes I can't even keep up with them. We're lucky to have these little girls. They will miss their Uncle Brycey- he was SO good to these babies! I know he'll always keep an eye on them.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

We'll miss you!

Our friend and brother Bryce passed away this afternoon after a major battle with melanoma. He and his wife Tammy fought like warriors for three months knowing that they could beat this, but our Father in Heaven must have had greater plans for Bryce because we believe that he had the strength to overcome this terrible disease.

Both Tammy and Bryce have been an inspiration for hundreds of people including family, friends and strangers who check their website daily searching for strength for their daily struggles. Tammy's postings and Bryce's determination have really helped us all put our petty complaints and pains into perspective. They've found positive in all the negative and "made lemonade" out of their situation. We are so grateful for their example.

Bryce left this earthly life with family by his side talking to him and telling funny stories from his past. He had his sense of humor up to the last minute when he could only respond by blinking his eyes. I guess it's a little difficult to explain unless you were there. He went peacefully shortly after receiving an incredible blessing from Tammy's dad. It was a moment of very conflicting feelings, but one of relief for the fact that Bryce didn't have to suffer any longer. We are so fortunate to have such a clear view of life after death and the plan that God has for us. Our family is so lucky to have known Bryce and to have learned so much from him.
If you'd like to follow their story, check out their website at brycedbrown.com

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Girls Night!

We decided to finally have our Girls Night on Monday. Naturally the night wouldn't be complete without our favorite 80's movie, "Lover Boy", a giant tub of Costco Cookie Dough, and our famous tuna won-tons. At about 1:15am, I thought I was going to pass out from being so tired; about the same time Tammy got her second wind and started cleaning the kitchen. She doesn't get much sleep these days for obvious reasons. Hopefully we were able to make it a little less miserable for her. Holly and I were more than happy to come over and play!
Our girls thought they deserved a Girls Night too. After playing at Grandma's house today (Wednesday is Grandma Day), they came down to my house for a little while and played some more. They are so cute. I love them!

Monday, October 22, 2007

"Sunday Best"

Camryn and Brooklyn were so cute on Sunday (besides the part during Stake Conference where they ran the halls) in their dresses, we had to take a few pictures. With twins, it gets tricky trying to get a picture of both babies smiling, so we'll take what we can get. This time they were both very happy to be on the porch.

We also caught Camryn showing off her new favorite face while Brooklyn pushed her around the house in "the chair". They love to push anything that will move.

Nic and the girls look a little drunk in this picture, but a dad's got to do what a dad's got to do, right?

Saturday, October 20, 2007

The Wig...

I promised a group of AVID Gamers that I would be making an appearance in my new wig. Since I failed to make a LIVE showing, this will have to do. I love this wig. Red is my next color for sure! You'll soon be seeing pictures of this wig on Nic when we take Halloween pictures. I told him he's going to be a princess... HE CAN'T WAIT!! You'll have to wait to see the wig I'm going to wear. It's pretty sweet. But anyway....This ones for you Gamers!! Tonight was fun... "What If" is genious! We'll have to do it again.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

6 Things...

My cousin Daisha tagged me and I'm supposed to write 6 facts about myself. Daish, since I love you, I'm going to pick my brain and come up with ANYTHING interesting enough to write about myself. Now I get to tag 6 more people...and if they're cool enough...they'll do the same thing by writing 6 facts about themselves and tagging 6 more people. Those people are...hmm...Jenny, Rach, Tara, Melissa, Sara & Kami. Enjoy!

1. I had to take clomid in order to get pregnant and TA DA!! I got twins. The chances of conceiving multiples were 2% and I just happened to land in that category. I consider myself lucky! (usually). Now weren't you all just dying to know that :)
2. I've never broken a bone. However, when I do get hurt, it's my nose that typically takes the beating and gets torn to shreds. It's been stitched up (in the same place) 4 times.
3. I STILL work for ADT selling security systems. Even though I only do a couple evening appointments a week, a remain part of the business world. (Don't worry, no door knocking.) You interested?
4. My favorite foods are...ANYTHING with lots of sugar (right now candy pumpkins). Cafe Rio (anything with pork). McDonalds Fries. Raspberries. CEREAL!, Mctitlits (thanks Nic), and anything Ashley Clark brings over for me to eat!
5. Have I had plastic surgery? Yes. My nose has had some work done. And No; These boobs were given as a punishment for something I did wrong in the pre-existence. However, when I'm done having kids I plan on getting lifted, tucked and pinned (as long as Daddy is still in business) to fix what these children have done to me! Well, we'll see.
6. Nic and I have had 7 address and we've only been married for 4 years. We hit our record in this house at 8 months! However, I think we'll be here for a few years...knock on wood.

And there you go. Useless information that I probably shouldn't have given. But I just did.

Monday, October 15, 2007


What? Game night

When? Saturday at 7:30

Where? My house

Who? You! This isn't intended to be discriminating against my out-of-town friends and fam...Seriously though, Delta has great Last minute deals for the weekend. :)

Why? Because doing something besides watching TV on a Saturday night didn't sound that bad! And every now and then we all need reminders that there is life outside the walls of our own homes :)

Seriously though... let's get a crowd and hang out with some new people and eat a bunch of garbage. Bring your friends! My babies will be in bed...(they're not old enough for my humor yet ;)) But we understand if you need to bring babies!

Anyhow...Let me know! If you have no desire to participate in such an absurd event...feel free to leave NO comment. If you're coming... Let me know!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

The "retired" Cheerleaders

First of all... Thanks Ashley Cottle for the picture. I didn't ask your permission, but I guess you've now realized that I stole this picture from you. Ya, I'm a retard and forgot my camera. So anyhow, here is a picture of some of the gals I cheered with back in the day. Sue Baylis (our old coach) retired from Cheerleading after 24 long years so there was a retirement party for her on Friday night. This isn't the scariest part though. We all charged the field at half time and did the school song in our uniforms. I don't know if I'm super embarrased, or proud of myself. Nic and the babes were there to cheer me on. I'm lame. And in case you're wondering. No, there's not a picture of me on the field in my uniform... Feel grateful for that.

Saturday, October 13, 2007


For those of you that don't know... My AWESOME brother-in-law Bryce Brown, (Tammys' husband), has stage 4 melanoma cancer. While doctor's don't show much hope, Bryce does. He is a real fighter and he has a MAJOR troop of supporters that are praying for him and sending him notes of love and encouragement. Tammy has done an incredible job at documenting their journey through this trial which began in mid July. Check out her blog and PLEASE feel free to send them a note. They love reading all of them...even from strangers! brycedbrown.com

Gardner Village

We went with some friends (Trent, Jess & Baby Brynlee Perry) to Gardner Village tonight to check out the Halloween Festivus. We couldn't keep Nic out of the quilting store...he couldn't get enough of all the floral fabrics! Anyway, that's why he's not in the picture :) As you can see, Camryn and Brooklyn were super pumped to be there...and I was busy trying to make them smile for the camera!