Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Girls Night!

We decided to finally have our Girls Night on Monday. Naturally the night wouldn't be complete without our favorite 80's movie, "Lover Boy", a giant tub of Costco Cookie Dough, and our famous tuna won-tons. At about 1:15am, I thought I was going to pass out from being so tired; about the same time Tammy got her second wind and started cleaning the kitchen. She doesn't get much sleep these days for obvious reasons. Hopefully we were able to make it a little less miserable for her. Holly and I were more than happy to come over and play!
Our girls thought they deserved a Girls Night too. After playing at Grandma's house today (Wednesday is Grandma Day), they came down to my house for a little while and played some more. They are so cute. I love them!


trent and rach henderson... said...

first of all what is up with cam in this picture! you don't live in magna do you? ha ha! looks like you had a fun girls night! the picture's great! rach

Heather & Josh said...

Hey Steff!!! I never knew you had a blog. How fun. I am a blogger myself, well as of recently. But so far I am enjoying it. I can now add you to my list of people I check up on. I hope you guys are doing good. The girls are getting big. And no wonder you are so probably run all day long.

Steff said...

Rach- I know...Camryn is a bit white trash in this picture...She threw up on herself at Grandma's so Grandma put on the spare Grandma PJ's (purple Dora). Then Camryn got home and decided she didn't want to wear the pants and pulled them off. She's also wearing a monkey leash. What kind of parents are we!