Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Random Thoughts

*My kids are the perfect ages right now. A cute little baby. A fun little 2 year old that's always saying the funniest things. 2 beautiful kindergartners that are abnormally polite, sweet, obedient and loving. I love these kids so much and I don't want them to grow up and change. Sometimes it makes me want to cry when I look at Kendyl and notice that she's getting bigger.
*I go to the gym each morning. Why? If I really cared about how I looked, I'd probably get ready every day...you know, shower, wash hair, makeup, normal clothes, etc. Maybe the day will come when I'll have time to get ready each day. And when that day comes, I'll be glad I've been working out for all those years!
*If Nic could just get paid for his clever mind, skills, talents, and smarts....we'd be millionaires. Now if I could just find somebody who wants to pay him for pocessing all those gifts.
*I thought you were supposed to get smarter with age? And wasn't I told that I'd have great skin once I was an adult? Myths.
*Is there really nothing better to do each night than plop my booty on the couch and watch TV? I'm bored of this ritual, but hobbies are expensive, instruments are loud and reading wouldn't allow me to interact with my husband. I figure that a couple that laughs together, stays together. We will continue to watch "Modern Family" and "Up All Night".
*Lately, I've heard HORROR stories about peoples' families. How could family members hate eachother and fight all the time? I feel blessed to have such FABULOUS relationships with my family and Nic's family. I'd be happy to entertain vacation invitations from any of them. I know we'd have fun together ;)
*Along those same lines, Nic does most of his work from home and we're together almost nonstop. A lot of people would go crazy in this situation, but I'm happy to say that 8 years into our marriage, Nic and I are still best friends and there's nobody we'd rather hang out with. (I guess I should get his stamp of approval on that statement before posting).
*Sometimes I feel like there may be people in my life that find joy in my failures and inadequacies. If you're one of those people, PLEASE feel free to delete me from your social network. You'd be doing us both a big favor :)
*I call my mom every morning, and do you know what??? She ALWAYS seems like she's excited to talk to me! I usually have nothing to say, but it's nice to feel loved and truly cared about. I hope I can be that kind of mom for my kids. I try to be, but I think I've got a long way to go.
OK. I'm sorry to anyone that actually read all of that, but it was fun to let my mind wander and do something different than just post pictures of my last adventure. And don't worry all you saboteurs out there, with summer coming to an end, my days of play and adventure are about up. Can't wait for the next 8 months of clouds, cold and snow.....hurray.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Never a dull moment when the Nana and Papa visit!

Nic's WHOLE family was here a couple weeks ago. Now obviously, since his siblings all live here now, it's just Nana and Papa that we're missing. It was nice to have them here. Nana stayed for almost 2 weeks. We packed alot into that time. Of course we went boating.

A highlight of the week was Ashley, Ryan & Hudson's sealing at the Mount Timpanogas Temple. It was a beautiful ceremony and baby Hudson...oh my goodness, what a little angel. He had everyone in tears with the sweet little things he did. It was an emotional, beautiful day.

The other highlight of the week was Elle's baby blessing. Matt and Kate recently moved to Traverse Mountain and the blessing was at their home. There was alot of family there and Sean was even able to be ordained an Elder that day. Kate made sure we were all fed well afterwards and the kids were all let loose in the basement.

Since Nic and I had so many events to attend down south that weekend, we decided to just camp out at Ryan and Ashley's house! One night we were there, all the ladies went to "The Help". My goal was to finish the book before I saw the movie, but who am I kidding, I'm the slowest, most distracted reader ever. I got half way through the book. That's good enough, right? Maybe I'll finish it someday, but the movie was great! (And I never pass up an opportunity to eat movie popcorn...sick, but true).

We went to Hogle Zoo one day. Brooklyn had it on her Nana list...and Nana is a sucker for those lists ;)

The girls had a couple soccer games that week. They always have quite the cheering section. Dani is on the team too so Grandma and Grandpa love coming to the games. So have they won any games? No. Are the twins getting better? Yes...thank goodness. They are really good at stopping the ball and getting it turned around quickly. So far, Brooklyn has scored 3 goals and Camryn has scored one. Have I seen any of them? No. I've had to leave at half time the last 2 weeks because I've had to be at mutual. Sad.

There was plenty of cooking, crafting, jam making, Zumba'ing, splash padding and more that kept us busy and entertained. We may not see Nana and Papa until Christmas so we're glad we were able to have such a long, fun visit!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Nixon at 4 months

Nixon's stats
Weight: 14 lbs. 2 oz. (50%)
Length: 24 1/2 (40%)
Head: 16 3/4 (60%)
At 4 months, Nixon: Still wakes up in the night, so the doc prescribed rice cereal.
He's sturdy as can be. He stands on his own as long as he's being balanced. (The 2nd picture with Hudson in the chair cracks me up...a little man :) )

Takes lots of naps during the day. Still sleeps in his cradle and usually has a limb or 2 stuck between the rungs, dangling off the side. Fast and furious eater (and perhaps sucks a bit too hard...ouch). He's usually pretty mello and just kicks back in his little chair and kicks his toys around during the day; he lets us know when he's bored though :) Loves his carseat and usually sleeps pretty well in it. He's LOVED, LOVED, LOVED by his 3 sisters. We were warned that he'd probably get dressed up by them...well, it's started. Last week he was a girl and a bunny. *side note about the bunny hats. The girls saw someone on Sprout TV wearing one and wanted to make them. Brooklyn made Nixon's all by herself before I even knew what she was doing. These girls are crafting fools- our kitchen table is ALWAYS covered in construction paper, scissors, glue, tape and crayons.

Nixon has also discovered his voice- here's the proof. (youtube video "Nixon talking")

Friday, September 16, 2011

She's REDEEMED herself!

I guess Camryn wasn't very happy with her "disruptive" status. She came home, happy as a clam, the next day, sporting this on her wrist. Even her homework said, "Camryn was a good listener today!". She was pretty proud of herself and even spent some extra time today cleaning her room AND Kendyl's room. She kept asking me, "Who's been the goodest today?!!".

Monday, September 12, 2011

We're proud parents today...

We had to bite our cheeks to hold back the laughter when we pulled this out of her backpack. Camryn is hyper, I'm sure we'll be getting more of these...

Monday, September 5, 2011


We shook our booties for 2 hours on Saturday to raise money for breast cancer research. The turn out was amazing and we had a blast! I can't wait to certify to become a Zumba instructor next month! It's my favorite! (And the answer is yes, that's sweat on my stomach...I'm disgusting!)