Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Legally Blonde!

The gals all went to 'Legally Blonde: The Musical' last weekend. It was AMAZING!!! Probably the most entertaining show I've ever seen. Our seats were less than ideal (my fault, I bought the cheapies), but it was still great.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Real Life

I'm realizing that most of my posts just show the exciting parts of my life. Obviously those are more fun to look at, but this time, I'm going to post about the other 90% of my life. Here's a glimpse into how are lives REALLY are.
Steff is basically a full time maid. Our main floor is wood, so I have the broom out ALOT. If the girls aren't taken potty a few hours after they fall asleep, there's a good chance they'll wet the bed...SO, I do alot of laundry and make alot of beds (those bunkbeds are a treat to make ;)). I'm also a pro at sitting at the computer and wasting time while the girls watch something on PBS. I try to take a shower each morning when I get home from the gym, but there are those days when I let the sweat dry to my body and put it off until I get a free minute in the afternoon. I try to get the girls out of the house each day, whether it's the grocery store, the library, ballet on Wednesdays, preschool on Mondays, Grandma's house or whatever. Summer time is MUCH better because we can just hang outside all day. I'm also the first counselor in the Young Women so that's kept me extra busy as well. Next on the list, training for the LOTOJA bike race! It's not until September, but our little relay team has a lot of work to do!
Nic is a pharmaceutical rep. His hours are good and he's always home in time to help out with the girls and play with them. He doesn't expect me to make dinner and could actually care less what he ate whether, it's grilling a piece of meat or making a sandwich. That's pretty nice for me, but I TRY to make dinner a few times a week. He goes to the gym each day and always gets himself stuck in some sort of home improvement project. It's nice being married to such a handyman. He just finished his season on his indoor soccer team and the girls and I had fun watching him play at a couple of his early games. After the girls get tucked in bed around 8 or 8:30, he and I like to make ourselves a treat and watch whatever garbage we recorded on the DVR that evening.
Camryn has kept herself busy drawing pictures and playing computer games lately. She's seriously a WHIZ on the computer! I can't believe it. She still smothers Kendyl practically to death. Nic and I don't understand why Camryn can't comprehend "GET OFF KENDYL OR YOU'RE GETTING THROWN OUT THE WINDOW!". Crazy. She has TONS of energy and always hops and jumps everywhere she goes. She can get a little cranky when she doesn't get her way and likes to show off her nasty temper- but we're quick to put her in her place...often that place is time out:) We love how loving and sweet she can be though. She always tells me how much she loves me and how much she loves Kendyl. She even loves giving hugs and kisses still.
Brooklyn loves to play outside. When I can't find her in the house, I'll notice the sliding door is open a bit and she'll be outside on the tramp or by the sandbox (with a princess dress on). She just LOVES to be playing. This little girl has turned into quite the clever little sassy one. Sometimes we'll get into arguments that I just CAN'T win with her. It gets me fuming! She always wants a PB&J for lunch and needs endless amounts of drinks...namely strawberry milk. She likes everything to be planned out. Right when she wakes up in the morning she decides what she's going to wear, what's for breakfast, who she wants to play with that day, and what we're going to do next, and what we're going to do after that, and after that, etc. Her smile is to die for.
The girls both love going to ballet every Wednesday afternoon. They're preparing for their recital in May when theyr'e going to be popcorn! So cute. Hopefully they'll muster up the courage to dance on the stage. They definitely have the shy bug in those types of situations. They also STILL love hearing stories about Princess Applejack every night from Daddy, and sometimes Mommy. The stories are usually quite similar to whatever Camryn & Brooklyn did that day. They love that. We recently got a new car with a TV in it and the girls are in heaven with their eyes all glued to the screen. It's fun seeing how excited they are about it, even Kendyl is pumped to get in the car! haha. Having twins is definitely a blessing, but it comes with it's fair share of challenges too. Lots of fighting and crying over toys, tattling (yuck), and playing at night instead of going to sleep.
Kendyl continues to be the cutest little person ever. She's starting to talk alot and points to everything and jabbers what she thinks it's called. Sometimes she gets it right :) Her favorite word is boppy- which is her little cup- she always wants her drink. She's always pulling cereal out of the cupboards too. If left alone, every time without fail, she'll get her box of cereal and chow down. Her hair is minimal and it's always fuzzy. No bows and headbands for this little one, she pulls them off within seconds. She's super energetic and loves to play outside. Her favorites are the tricycle, swings, and climbing up the ladder and going down the slide on her belly over and over and over again. Her big fetish is shoes. She always goes to the shoe basket, picks out a pair and puts them on. If they're too hard to put on, she'll bring them to us and say, "Shoe", or "Boots"...whatever she's chosen. It's awfully cute. And let me mention, every word she said sounds like a question and ends with a squeek. She still takes 2 naps a day and sleeps like a champ at night. She causes her fair share of trouble though, whether it be taking bites out of the soap, constantly running into the street, pulling out the contents of every drawer or breaking picture frames- you've got to expect it from a little tyke!
So that's our unglamorous life! It sometimes seems hectic and monotonous, but we always try to have something to look forward to! Those things are usually what you read about on my blog! We even have a couple things coming up soon so stay tuned!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Disney on Ice

Tink and her jerk boyfriend ;)

Highlights of the show
*Pumba doing jumps (Do you see what he looks like!!LOL)
*When Tammy gave me a box of Dots.
*My little girls had stars in their pumped!
*When Tinkerbell's boyfriend dropped her on her booty. Actually, he fell, dropped her, and she landed on him. Added a little spice to the show.
*The fabulous costumes.
*On the way home, Dani said, "Grandma, that was REALLY boring." We all died laughing. Hey, the girl's honest!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Camryn the Artista

Camryn has been drawing little circle people lately. The more recent people have legs, arms and more hair. Here's a sampling of some she did a couple weeks ago. She'll tell us stories about who they are and the adventures they go on. This particular group was jellyfish people.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

"I Do!"

Cute Kendyl loves to copy her sisters. They scream...she screams. They tell me thank you...she tells me thank you (more like 'day doo'). My FAVORITE is whenever there is a question asked, Kendyl says, "I do". Cracks me up every time.

My other favorite thing she does is when she tells people goodbye. She chases people to the door waving both hands saying, "bye" over and over. She's never as good when there's a camera nearby (of course), but me made a real attempt in this video. (So yes, these videos were staged. What, do you think I just walk around recording everything all day!! :) )

Since Kendyl is now 15 months and had her big checkup yesterday, here are the latest stats for this little ham :)
Weight: 19#3 (5-10%)
Length: 31.1" (80%)
Head: 18.5" (75%)

This little munchkin just kills me.
She ALWAYS wants treats and spends half her day pointing at whatever looks edible and says "Mommy!!!" I'm starting to wonder if her translation of Mommy is GIMEE.
She's always playing wherever her sisters are, but she's usually putting Mr. Potato Head's face on...yep, that's her favorite toy.
She LOVES to give hugs. I probably get 50 a day. I'll be standing there and she comes over and wraps her arms around my legs and snuggles her head in. Melts my heart.
She also loves to back up and sit on any open lap or body that might be on the floor.
She calls her cup, "boppy" and wants a drink every time she sees it.
Her new favorite snack is fruit snacks.
She loves to hang out at the shoe basket and try them all on.
She's got the cheesiest scrunchy face smile you've ever seen.
For as active and on-the-go as she is, she always loves to be picked up and hugged.
FYE* Kendyl's little cousin Averi may be her long lost twin. Check out her stats! These two are like 2 peas in a pod.