Saturday, March 6, 2010

"I Do!"

Cute Kendyl loves to copy her sisters. They scream...she screams. They tell me thank you...she tells me thank you (more like 'day doo'). My FAVORITE is whenever there is a question asked, Kendyl says, "I do". Cracks me up every time.

My other favorite thing she does is when she tells people goodbye. She chases people to the door waving both hands saying, "bye" over and over. She's never as good when there's a camera nearby (of course), but me made a real attempt in this video. (So yes, these videos were staged. What, do you think I just walk around recording everything all day!! :) )

Since Kendyl is now 15 months and had her big checkup yesterday, here are the latest stats for this little ham :)
Weight: 19#3 (5-10%)
Length: 31.1" (80%)
Head: 18.5" (75%)

This little munchkin just kills me.
She ALWAYS wants treats and spends half her day pointing at whatever looks edible and says "Mommy!!!" I'm starting to wonder if her translation of Mommy is GIMEE.
She's always playing wherever her sisters are, but she's usually putting Mr. Potato Head's face on...yep, that's her favorite toy.
She LOVES to give hugs. I probably get 50 a day. I'll be standing there and she comes over and wraps her arms around my legs and snuggles her head in. Melts my heart.
She also loves to back up and sit on any open lap or body that might be on the floor.
She calls her cup, "boppy" and wants a drink every time she sees it.
Her new favorite snack is fruit snacks.
She loves to hang out at the shoe basket and try them all on.
She's got the cheesiest scrunchy face smile you've ever seen.
For as active and on-the-go as she is, she always loves to be picked up and hugged.
FYE* Kendyl's little cousin Averi may be her long lost twin. Check out her stats! These two are like 2 peas in a pod.


aclark said...

That is so cute!! We are in Ft Lauderdale hanging out and we all got a kick out of the "I do" LOVE IT!

britt said...

so cute! I can't believe she is that I love little kids saying "bye!" it's always so cute! and your twins are even bigger! so weird!