Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Table Makeover!

I've had the itch for a while now, and last weekend I finally went for it. Aunt Patty gave us this table about 7 years ago. At the time, it was a natural wood. We painted it antique black about a year later. It hasn't aged well since then. Every time a sticker or piece of tape touches the table top, black paint comes off with it. I've always LOVED white furniture, so I was ready for a refreshing change. I LOVE how it looks now! I never want to look at sand paper again....unfortunately, I have 6 new (D.I. treasures) chairs sitting in my garage waiting for their makeovers too. They may take a slow me down ;)

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Camryn Story

Before I make Camryn look bad, take a look at her fabulous coloring! (I make her enter all the coloring contests in hope to earn some extra cash ;) )
On to the story

Camryn came home from school last week and told me about a scary song they listened to in class that day. She called it the troll song. She kept saying, "my face was getting so red because I was about to cry because it was so scary!!!". She kind of laughed it off....but then got scared when we put her in bed and Nic had to lay by her until she was out.

I told her the next day that if her teacher played this scary song again, she needed to raise her hand and ask to sit in the hall. When Camryn got home from school, she told me that her teacher played the scary song again, but she told the teacher she was scared and she got to sit in the hall with another teacher while it was on. I was proud of her for having the courage to leave during such a scary song.

I got an email from her teacher that afternoon apologizing that Camryn was so scared of the song. It was an exercise for the kids to listen to a song and draw a picture about what the song sounded like. She then told me what the song was. Here I was, judging the teacher for playing scary Halloween songs for these little kids, when all along, my kid is just a flat out WUSS!!! Haha. Cute little Camryn. Here's the song.

Edvard Grieg, "In the Hall of the Mountain"

Halloween Parties

Tammy invited the cousins over to decorate gingerbread haunted houses. They had a great time and made quite the mess.

My mom had a Halloween party for the kids a couple days ago. The girls were pumped. We worked on Camryn and Kendyl's car costumes all day on Saturday so they'd be ready for the party (yes, they chose to be cars this year). How long do you think they kept those cars on? Maybe 5 minutes. Saturday = Big waste of my time :) Anyway, they played some games, decorated cookies and ate hotdogs and treats. My mom was dressed as a witch and I think Camryn was truly afraid at first! They had such a fun time, including the babies. Look how cute Daniel and Nixon were in their costumes!

Nixon Rolls Over :)

(youtube video "Nixon rolls over")

He's been rolling from belly to back for a few weeks now...but he's finally mastered back to belly! It's so funny to watch him try SOOO hard, then get so happy when he achieves his goal.

Nixon is 5 months old now!! I seriously can NOT believe it. He's really come alive in the last few weeks. He grabs at everything and always needs toys in his hands. He squeels and babbles all day long. He's sleeping in his crib in Kendyl's room. He SCARFS down his rice cereal each night. He always wants to be entertained (luckily we have 3 little helpers that love to entertain him). He loves to laugh. And I think he's even getting used to being kissed 10,000 times a day :) (youtube video "Playful nix...and background rumbles")
(youtube video "B and nix play")

Monday, October 10, 2011

I just think he's so darn handsome...

Child Abuse

Please don't turn me in to the was an accident....I swear.

As usual, I was in a frantic hurry trying to get kids in the car to go to school. I had Nixon's GIANT car seat in my hand and as I grabbed the handle of the car door and opened it for the kids, I felt a thud and Kendyl went flying. Yep, nailed her right in the face. I felt HORRIBLE. Unfortunately, I was about to be late to pick up our carpool I grabbed Kendyl a wet rag to hold on her lip, put her in her seat (she calmed down quickly...tough as nails that one)), and sped off to school! We're lucky she still has teeth....and a face for that matter! (The "I just got beat up" face was caused by the flash on the camera- I promise!)

See, she was just fine a couple days later :)

Boating in October

We took the boat out for one last hurrah last week. We went in the evening and the weather and water were fabulous. It started getting chilly and rainy right as we were leaving....hasn't warmed up since. Glad we took advantage of that boat till the literal bitter end!

And just for's my mom's house 3 days later! I swear...Utah weather.

Nixon Buddy

Wild Animals at the Park

We went to the park a couple weeks ago. Every time I turned my head, I encountered wild animals. I snapped a couple shots.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Waterski Video!

I can't watch this video without crying, thanks to the awful song choice by Nic ;). Seriously, if he would have used Nellyville, Oops I Did it Again, or something like that, I'd be just fine! Anyway, the new ski Nic made is amazing, but it's a bit more challenging than the last, hence, the worried faces :). Enjoy!
(youtube video "Waterskiing 2011")  

Kendyl's prophets

Part of our NEVER ENDING bedtime routine each night is to name the prophets. Camryn & Brooklyn have been doing it for about 2 years now. I figure it's good for their little minds :) Anyway, Kendyl usually runs around the room and plays while the twins do this, but apparantly, she's been paying attention. Here's Kendyl naming the prophets. And sorry about the shouting, she gets SUPER hyper when we ask her to do it....she's pretty proud of herself. (youtube video "Kendyl names prophets")