Sunday, May 30, 2010

May edition: This and That

The Month of May came and went before I even realized April was over! Does time really go by this fast!!? Anyway, May was action packed...and of course I took way too many pictures of everything and anything. Some pictures are self explanatory...others needed a little description. Enjoy our month in pictures!

The first few are of my crazy baby. I never want to forget her WILD fuzzy hair. I also want to remember her LOVE of treats...especially Swedish Fish :) Speaking of fish, that one she's looking at is our new pet...Jazzy.

The Nana came to visit! She came for the ballet recital and we got to enjoy her for a few days. She and the girls played and read storied for hours each day. It was lots of fun!

Little Camryn is a whiz with the camera! She loves taking pictures and on this particular occasion, wanted pictures of the family! And something for my memory box- The twins were watching "Small World" Disneyland ride on YouTube the other day. After they were in bed, I was looking through my pictures on the camera and saw that she'd taken about a dozen pictures of "Small World" on the computer screen. Cute.

Happy Birthday Daddy! Doesn't look a day older than 40 right?! We had a party complete with swimming, dinner, dessert and presents! I had to get a picture of Dad and Kendyl with their twinner fuzz heads!

The girls were wearing their pretty dresses the other day so Brooklyn decided a photo shoot was in order. She staged the whole thing and told her sisters where to stand. We snapped photos until the battery died.

Ella and Owen got a new swingset! We had a blast trying it out the other day. The girls ask me daily if they can play with Ella, so they were PUMPED to spend the day over there. They played until the dang clouds rolled in, then went inside and played while Owen and Kendyl had a bath! Those two are seriously a couple peas in a pod. They're the same person, just in different bodies. They get along so well and had fun splashing and playing tag in their diapers.

Kendyl LOVES putting on panties. There was a freshly laundered pile sitting by C & B's door just waiting to be put away. Well, Kendyl found it and had a HAYDAY! She was rolling all over the floor for about 15 minutes. (See video) Her other favorite thing to try on are her headbands. On her head? No. Around her waist and legs. Strange.

We went to Boondocks the other day to let the girls play. They bowled for their first time. As you can see, they're still a little confused with the concept...namely Kendyl.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Little Popcorn Ballerinas

Camryn, Brooklyn & Dani had their first ballet recital last Friday, May 21st. The theme was AMERICANA and they were popcorn. The Bountiful School of Ballet puts on QUITE the production. When C & B's little class came out, my eyes filled up with tears. It was by far the cutest thing I've EVER seen. They did a FABULOUS job. I think I even saw Brooklyn crack a smile! It's so crazy when your babies start growing up and doing these kinds of things. I love it and hate it all at once. They had some serious family support that night. Grandma, Grandpa, Holly, Ella, Tammy, Britten, Dreya, Mom, Dad, Kendyl, Ashley, Ryan, and even Nana! Yep, she flew out from Ohio for the recital. Worth every penny I'm sure! The girls also picked up some fantastic swag from all their fans. Ash gave them necklaces and cupcakes. Nana gave them hand crafted charm bracelets. Grandma gave them each a giant bag of gourmet popcorn. And everyone gave them beautiful flowers! Now, they're telling me they want to do FLIPS. I guess we might as well get a taste of everything :) We have a video of the dance, unfortunately, due to technical difficulties, it may be a while.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


We packed up and went to the Eden house on Monday. We took the boat and drove around the lake for an hour. Luckily, it was the hour there was sun! We found a little beach for the girls to play on. Kendyl, as usual, feasted on sand (see video). That night we grilled burgers, ate treats, went hot tubbing, and Nic and I stayed up way too late again to watch Prison Break!