Saturday, November 21, 2015

Everything November

Did you know our chickens lay golden eggs?  Neither did our kids.  They were STOKED.
This little dude is always playing cars.  My favorite is when he lays down and plays and makes all the truck noises.  The best.

He loves going to Great Grandma's house and finding the pictures of people he knows. "It's Grandma and Grandpa!"

This boy is OBSESSED with Grandma's train.  She let Calvin have it and he's in Heaven.

How do the Piggies Eat!!?

He wanted to paint.  I love this kid.

Here is our soccer team!  This is our 1 year anniversary and our Baby Shower for Dana :)  We've loved playing Tuesday night soccer at the church!  There has been blood, sweat and some broken limbs and its fantastic.

Check this out!!  We actually got together and had dinner!  Cheesecake Factory.  The best.

Love, love, love that these girls can play duets so beautifully together.

Kendyl got an early birthday present.  Her American Doll!  She wanted Julie (good choice).  Is Kendyl so cute.  I just love her.  Such a fun girl and now she gets to play dolls with her sisters.


Brooklyn vs. the Mixer

Nixon and Hudson are pen pals.  The letters usually include a piece of candy, a drawing, and maybe a toy taped to a piece of paper.  It is one of the greatest things ever.

Nixon got invited to a birthday party at the Rec Center.  It was basically his whole preschool.  Cutest kids.

The boys and I had a movie night while Dad took the girls to a movie.  We watched Planes.  They were rowdy, but we had fun :)

Another Program at Ms. Mimi's house!  Yep, they all involve a singing program, some stations and a cookie decorating treat at the end.  We got to have a Thanksgiving feast at this one!  Nixter at half the table.  It was a miracle for this picky eater.  She's such a cute preschool teacher.

Nixon has felt a little left out since the girls are always playing dolls.  Dani had a boy Bitty Twin that someone had given them.  She let Nixon have him.  She had him all cleaned up with his clothes and everything.  She and Dreya were so excited to give it to him.  Nixon loves it.  He named it Braxton after the little boy he plays with that visits our next door neighbor, Steve, a lot.

There is an American Girl store at Fashion Place Mall for the Holidays!!  Of course we had to check it out :)