Thursday, September 26, 2013

The Zoo...and a head injury

We managed to squeeze in a visit to the zoo right before school started.  There were so many new animals and exhibits and the kids were pumped.  At one point, Nixter was a little too pumped as he ran back and forth, trying to follow the Polar Bears as they swam around.  He ended up running right into a man's legs and went down hard...right onto his head.  You could hear the thud on the cement and I knew it was bad.  I picked him up and he was bawling....then seconds later....he stopped crying and passed out on my shoulder.  I yelled at him to wake up and tried to shake him awake.  He came to...started crying again....then passed out again.  Not cool.  My mom FREAKED and called 911.  I actually managed to stay somewhat calm and was able to keep jerking him awake.  A man nearby was a doctor and  tried to help.  By this point, it had been a couple minutes and I think Nixon was more alert...but just scared.  We did some little tests on him and determined that we should just watch him closely during the day and make sure he didn't take a nap.  My mom assured the ambulance that it didn't need to come ;)  My mom bought him this polar bear since it seemed to cheer him up when he was freaking out.  It's his new favorite stuffed animal...and he very appropriately named it....ANIMAL!!!  Poor Nixon baby.  He's ok now though.

August Cuties!

Look at these little Tootie Bums!!!  They sure do make me happy- and those cute faces help :)  The sad Nixon pic is when I was sewing him a Superman pillowcase (he loves Superman), and I had to cut some of the fabric while I was sewing.  He couldn't believe I would cut it!!!  Haha- he's happy now that it's on his pillow :)  Brooklyn has lost a TON of teeth and they don't seem to ever grow back!  Camryn has become my official "little kid" bather.  She just does it all and it's awesome!  C & K started dance class.  There still isn't an opening for B...but she's patiently waiting and practicing her splits and back walkovers every day :)  She decided that Camryn needed the extra practice and she could be the one to forego the position in the class.  She's pretty sweet like that :)  The girls LOVE it and they're learning a lot.  The other pictures speak for themselves.  Sad to see summer go- but the girls are more than ready for school to begin!


The most wonderful decade I could ever ask for.  It's hard to believe that 10 years ago, August 8th, 2003, baby Nic and baby Steff were tying the knot :)  At the time, we felt so grown up, and now looking back, it's hard to believe we even knew what we were doing!  Haha.  I actually knew EXACTLY what I was doing and it's the best decision I've ever made.  Nic and I are happy.  I could go on and on and name all the reasons why, but we're truly happy and in love as ever.  I love every minute I spend with this man- and that's the truth.  I bet I ask myself every single day, how in the world did I get so lucky?

Anyway- Nic and I spent our anniversary at the Homestead.  Ashley watched our kids overnight...bless her heart.  We had a wonderful dinner....and a wonderful tub :)  It's always nice to just get away...even if it's somewhere simple.  Nic and I picked out a band for my ring too.  I LOVE it!

Sellers Family Reunion

Scott and his 3 oldest kids flew into Utah four our Lake Powell family reunion...only we didn't end of going to Powell because of schedules and crazy heat.  So we went to St. George instead!  Scott had never been there! We had a lot of fun.  The kids were in HEAVEN to be with eachother and we made sure there were plenty of activities to keep everyone entertained.  We wend to Sand Hollow Reservoir twice and it was PERFECT! The kids all skied behind the jet skis (ya, my dad bought a couple jet skis).  We had a great new tube that we all loved and everything else was great too :)

My favorite part was Nic's treasure hunt.  Well, it was actually an Indian treasure hunt :)  Camryn and Dani found a bottle with a map in it back behind a tree in the backyard.  It was clearly over 100 years old!!  They followed clues up into the mountain where they'd unburry little wooden boxes with the next map/clue.  They finally found the treasure in a little cave and it was so exciting!  There were beads, arrow heads, feathers, stained glass, wooden toys and more.  I have the cutest husband in the world to set up this whole event so perfectly.

Of course there was swimming, games, birthdays celebrated and more.  But the final highlight was probably our hike up to the narrows, which is actually a one mile hike through Zions that leads to the foot of the BIG narrows hike.  There were lots of animals along the way and pools of water to play in at the end of the hike.  We all just swam around in our clothes.  It felt great!  These types of things are my favorite things to do with my kids.  They get so excited and always seem to appreciate it.

A big thanks to my parents as usual for inviting us to their St. George home and providing lots of toys and entertainment!