Thursday, September 26, 2013

August Cuties!

Look at these little Tootie Bums!!!  They sure do make me happy- and those cute faces help :)  The sad Nixon pic is when I was sewing him a Superman pillowcase (he loves Superman), and I had to cut some of the fabric while I was sewing.  He couldn't believe I would cut it!!!  Haha- he's happy now that it's on his pillow :)  Brooklyn has lost a TON of teeth and they don't seem to ever grow back!  Camryn has become my official "little kid" bather.  She just does it all and it's awesome!  C & K started dance class.  There still isn't an opening for B...but she's patiently waiting and practicing her splits and back walkovers every day :)  She decided that Camryn needed the extra practice and she could be the one to forego the position in the class.  She's pretty sweet like that :)  The girls LOVE it and they're learning a lot.  The other pictures speak for themselves.  Sad to see summer go- but the girls are more than ready for school to begin!

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