Thursday, November 15, 2012

Dad's & Donuts

Camryn & Brooklyn's school has a "Dad's and Donuts" day once a year.  The turnout is usually pretty big, which is awesome.  Nic took the twins this morning and they spent 45 minutes reading to eachother and eating donuts.  Adorable.  These are the little things I want my girls to remember forever.

Cupid Camryn

Camryn has a heart the size of the moon.  Sure, she is pretty wild and has a hard time listening most of the time, but she would do anything to help us out.  She loves babies and little kids so much that she almost can't contain herself.  She carries Nixon around all day and is constantly saying, "I just love you so much, you are the cutest baby in the world!"  She especially loves his warm little cheeks when he wakes up from a nap.  She can't get over how soft they are.  Haha.  Nic and I probably have at least 20 little love notes that she's given us.  This one in particular is one of my favorites.  She gave it to Nic last week.
I love you so  much.  I can kiss you all day long and tak you to the zoo every day or take you to the sweet shop for ice cream cones.  Or tell you that you are a star and give you a picture.  to Dad from Camryn. (she drew a picture of a car and taped it to the back.)

Kendyl's Fire Station Field Trip

Preschoolers are so cute :)  I love going on field trips with Kendyl!  It's fun to watch her with her friends.  I love her sweetness and innocence.  She'll be 4 in a few makes my heart hurt to see her grow up. 

Utah bizarre.

One day we were packing leaves in trash T-shirts.  The next day....we got a BLIZZARD!!!  At least 18" in our yard, 28" at my parents' house!  In one weekend.  So wild.  We had fun building a snowmom, playing in the fort Daddy built and doing all that other snow stuff!  Nic wasn't about to let such a beautiful storm pass him by.  He went snowmobiling at the "B" with his buddy and  had a BLAST! 

Fall Fantastic-ness in 2 RANDOM collages!!

*Girls Weekend with Jenny, Nichole and Meegan.  We shopped, stayed at a hotel, woke up too early, ate lots of food, danced around like idiots and enjoyed the diversity at City Creek :)
*Mommy & Daddy playing with kiddos
*Camryn & Brooklyn doing a Fox News Report (Kendyl was in the corner, ready to do sports).
*Brooklyn our READER!  She read about 4 chapter books in one weekend.  She's a total brainiac!
*Nic and I had a date at Ruth's Chris.  It was so delicious and we felt so out of place there!  We went to 007 Skyfall afterwards.  Good flic.  We need our dates every now and then!

*Nixon likes to clean!!  Notice him vacuuming and scrubbing walls. 
*Nixon LOVES stuffed animals.  He hugs them and kisses them and calls them baby :)
*He also loves watching movies on Daddy's ipad....He felt particularly emotional about this one.
*Kendyl feel asleep in Brooklyn's bed while B was reading to her.
*Daddy took the kids to get icecream while I was on my girls weekend.
*Kendyl tried on mommy's hair!

Thursday, November 1, 2012


These cute kiddos were the 3 Musketeers and a Monster for Halloween!
I bought the masks a couple months ago and just created the other parts of the costumes around those.  Nixon got to wear Hudson's hand-me-down :)  They were cute cute cute.

We had a few Halloween events this year.  The first being Legacy Prep's annual Fall Festival.  It's a fundraiser where kids get to play games, eat treats, buy goods from the farmer's market, go on a hay ride and more. 
Notice Kenyl's concentration in the top 2 pics.  They're playing minute to win it.  The object is to stack some dice on the stick and hold it for a minute.  Camryn and Brooklyn couldn't even get 1 to stay on. Kendyl stacked hers right off the bat and stood there for the entire minute.  Her face was awesome.  I've never seen anybody hold so still.  She definitely drew a crowd and everybody was just dying.  She is hilarious.

Here we are at Grandma & Grandpa's ward Trunk-or-Treat. 

Kendyl's Preschool Program. They sang some Halloween songs and went Trick-or-Treating to a long line of parents :) She was excited about the cookies and apple juice afterwards. 


Zumba Zombie.  We did THRILLER and filmed it.  AWESOME.  I LOVE my class :)

We Trunk-or-Treated at our church.  Nic passed out candy through his creepy web.  He's awesome..and festive :)

Our 76 degree HALLOWEEN weather~
I took K and N with me to the twins' school so I could help with the Halloween party.  They girls were PUMPED to see the babes walk through the door.  The ran over to Brooklyn's desk, Nixon climbed onto the chair and Brooklyn let them color a picture.  It melted my heart.
We trick-or-treated at Barton Creek.  The assisted living center where my Grandma Nicolaysen lives.  Sorry I didn't have pictures of them with Grandma, but here's one I took on Sunday :)


And FINALLY, we went Trick-or-Treating after a fun Halloween Pizza Party at KelliJo's house.

KJ took some AMAZING pictures that I'll be sure to post later.  These kids have more candy than we could ever eat...and that's saying a lot coming from me.  They are top dog Trick-or-Treaters...even Nixon was on the porches digging through the bowls looking for his next sucker (he's averaging 5 a day).  Kendyl takes the cake though.  This child RAN FULL SPEED from house to house gathering her candy.  She was ahead of us the whole time, never stopping for air.  Nic and i couldn't stop laughing.  She has a sickness....a sugar sickness....that she inherited from 2 sides.  We're excited to stuff these costumes in a box and get ready for Thanksgiving tomorrow!