Thursday, November 15, 2012

Fall Fantastic-ness in 2 RANDOM collages!!

*Girls Weekend with Jenny, Nichole and Meegan.  We shopped, stayed at a hotel, woke up too early, ate lots of food, danced around like idiots and enjoyed the diversity at City Creek :)
*Mommy & Daddy playing with kiddos
*Camryn & Brooklyn doing a Fox News Report (Kendyl was in the corner, ready to do sports).
*Brooklyn our READER!  She read about 4 chapter books in one weekend.  She's a total brainiac!
*Nic and I had a date at Ruth's Chris.  It was so delicious and we felt so out of place there!  We went to 007 Skyfall afterwards.  Good flic.  We need our dates every now and then!

*Nixon likes to clean!!  Notice him vacuuming and scrubbing walls. 
*Nixon LOVES stuffed animals.  He hugs them and kisses them and calls them baby :)
*He also loves watching movies on Daddy's ipad....He felt particularly emotional about this one.
*Kendyl feel asleep in Brooklyn's bed while B was reading to her.
*Daddy took the kids to get icecream while I was on my girls weekend.
*Kendyl tried on mommy's hair!

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