Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Lemonade Stand!

Nic built this cute lemonade stand for the girls while I was at Girl's Camp last week. They made a whole quarter their first day on the job :) I told Nic he needs to sell these. It even has hinges so it folds up. What kind of a price tag would you put on this little gem?

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Kendyl- 18 months

This little stinker is now 18 months old. I still call her my baby, but I know she's become a full time toddler. Oh I love this little girl! I still get excited to get her out of her crib each morning.
*Weight- 21# 6oz (10%)
*Length- 32 1/4 (75%)
*Head Circumference- 18 3/4 (75%)
*She's a very independent little girl and kind of does her own thing all day. If I turn my head for one second, she's gone.
*She keeps up with the twins pretty well and likes to do all the things they're doing.
*She still loves to eat sand, deodorant, crayons, erasers, rocks, chapstick...and most other mineral-rich substances. :)
*She LOVES treats and spends much of her day asking for "marsh" (marshmallows), "snack" (fruit snacks), "boppy" (her cup), "cookie", etc.
*She's a FABULOUS communicator! She can say almost any word you tell her and learns very quickly.
*If we ask her a question, she'll respond with a nod and a "uh huh", or a head shake and a "no" or "uh uh".
*She's starting to think she can make the rules and get away with anything...but if you know me, you'll know she's not getting away with much!
*She's got the cutest little face and makes the funniest facials!
*She sings the Ariel song.
*She does lots of somersaults (with help).
*She takes one nap after lunch.
*She loves to "wing", swing.
*She likes 'Signing Time' and does 'hat' and 'socks' alot.
*She still has a binky...I know....I don't have the energy to combat that one yet!
*She goes to nursery and spends most of the time waiting for food and steeling marshmallows from other kids.
*She picks out her own shoes and puts them on herself. She's particular and doesn't like wearing the wrong pair!
*She went on the water ski again yesterday and didn't want to get off!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Happy 4th Birthday Camryn & Brooklyn!

My babies turned 4 on Saturday!! We had a fun party with the family. We even had some out-of-towners join us. Matt, Kate & Averi are here from Ohio, and Grandma & Grandpa Clark and Grandma Schenk were all here from Idaho! Unfortunately, the weather was NASTY, so we were stuck inside. We ate Rumbi Mango Chicken salad (get the recipe from "Jamie Cooks it Up", the button on my sidebar), Sugar cookies, cake and icecream. The girls were pumped all day and are THOROUGHLY enjoying all their new presents. I've attached pictures of them wearing the outfits Kate made, and painting the jewelry boxes from Ella.
Here are the things I want to remember about my Brooklyn:
*Height- 39 1/4 " (50%)
*Weight- 32# (10%)
*Sassy Sassy
*Wants a PB&J every day
*Likes to make Camryn mad
*She's stubborn- hates losing an argument (oh boy..)
*Loves wearing dresses
*Still talks about Splash Mountain every day
*Doesn't like too much attention...she gets nervous and shy
Here are the things I want to remember about my Camryn:
Height- 38 3/4" (25%)
Weight- 31# (5%)
*Sings 24/7. Often times made up songs. Otherwise, something Disney.
*LOVES her long hair
*Still has a minor obsession with babies
*Tells me she loves me 50 times a day
*Takes forever to eat her meals. Too distracted by everything
*Very mature
*Stays up late and looks at her books
*They both love playing house or just acting out movies. Lately it's been Alice in Wonderland. Everything from chasing the rabbit, falling down the hole, shrinking, growing, unlocking the doors, running from the Queen....ALL of it.
*They do ballet recitals on the porch every day.
*They're best friends and entertain eachother all day
*They still get cuter by the day. Nic and I feel like the luckiest parents in the world to have such cute, well mannered little girls.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Waterslide Party!

Since Camryn & Brooklyn's actual birthday (Saturday, June 12th) was going to be cold and rainy, we set up the waterslide on Wednesday and invited all their friends over to play! It was a bit cloudy, but the kids didn't care. Thanks everyone for coming over to play!


I got a friends & family pass to Lagoon from a nice kid in my ward who works there. My mom and I braved 6 little kids by ourselves and we actually had a blast. The kids were in heaven! Even Kendyl and Owen went on lots of rides. Every time we'd park the stroller, Kendyl would say "Ride?". She would clap and cheer when I'd get her out. Camryn loved the Ladybug ride that drops you from the top (I was shocked). And they both loved Rattle Snake Rapids (once it was over). The train didn't disappoint either. The animals were awesome. After a long 6 hours, we drove home and fed the kids pizza. Kendyl took a 5 hour nap the next day. Go figure.

Old Friends. New Friends.

Ainsley and Emmaline came to play this week. They are the cute daughters of Beth and Shae, my two FABULOUS friends that I've been friends with since the 80's. We have SO many memories together and it's always fun when we can all hang out!

Movie Night

Last weekend we rented the new "Alice in Wonderland". The girls all loved it and wanted to watch it again the next day. They especially loved when the Mad Hatter did his crazy dance at the end. We had popcorn and candy. That was Kendyl's favorite part.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Our newest water skiier!!!

18 months to the day and she's up on the ski!! Did she like it? Hmmm. Probably isn't her favorite hobby...YET. She managed a half smile while we were all cheering for her, but was relieved to get off. And being the nice parents we are, she had it do it 3 times. But MAN was it cute! The other girls are old pros now and had a blast too.