Tuesday, June 30, 2015

June!! Camps and Play!

We did so much fun stuff this month.. but instead of documenting each individual thing, I decided to just do a June picture overload!  Most of the pictures are self explanitory.  This summer, I decided we'd do a camp every day.  When I get home from the gym at 8:00, the kids finish up their breakfast and we head out back to pull a bucket of weeds, then do a sport camp!  Each day is a new thing:  basketball, soccer, gymnastics, baseball, endurance.  It's been alot of fun!  Brooklyn and Kendyl love it the most. We start off by running laps and they always do FAR more than I ask them to do.  Awesome.  Hopefully they're learning something and won't hate me in the end!  But look!!  We're obviously doing alot of other awesome stuff!

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Huntsman 140

He did it again!  Took a week to ride from Reno to Salt Lake.   All in hope of raising money to fight cancer.  Pretty cool.  It's always an emotional ending.  Especially since cancer has affected our lives so much with Mom's breast cancer and the passing away of Bryce to melanoma and most recently, my Grandpa Sellers.  Let's stop this beast!!

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Calvin 18 Months

Talks a Mile a Minute.  Never stops Smiling.  Knows how to be funny and make us laugh.  Copies Nixon in every way.  Loved to death.

Weight- 22 lbs 12 oz. 30%
Length- 33" 75%
Head- 19" 50-75%

Friday, June 12, 2015

My babies turn 9

They don't look like babies in these pictures- but we figured 'glamour shots' would be a fun way to turn a year older!  These 2 are my sweetie pies.  I know we'll be best friends for life and it makes me so happy :)  I'm grateful every day that they were sent to me.  They are weird and funny and responsible and kind.  Of course they can get on my nerves, but I just need to embrace the fact that they are kids and clearly, they won't be for much longer.  So sad!